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Tekken 7 Discussion Thread

you can’t keep a secret anymore nowadays

edit:except for SNK:coffee:

Get hype! who knows maybe the game play trailer will be shown at evo before the street fighter finals

Take away that bound system, plz.

I wonder whether or not Tekken Revolution was meant as a prototype for future Tekken sequels. I always prefer the 1v1 nature of Tekken than the tag games.

i think it was more for testing on TkxSf. I mean, look at eliza.

Btw, calm down guys he still has to anounce it :stuck_out_tongue:

I hope Lili finally scores with Asuka.
Otherwise I’m not all that interested in a T7.

Hope they sort out that dumb broken bitch Alisa :rofl:

I want the character selection screen to match the amount of champions that are in LoL.

To the people coming in threads and commenting on articles about this saying, “I stopped playing after T3/5,” what’s the endgame of that statement? I’ve seen several variations of this in other sites. When a new Need For Speed is announced I never chime in about how Hot Pursuit was the last one I played so I don’t care about this blah blah. I don’t get it. If a series moved on and shows no signs of returning to whatever you liked about it before… can’t you accept that and move on? T6/TTT2 gameplay seems to be here to stay so…

I wonder how they’ll reveal this today. Would love a trailer, hope it’s not just a CGI trailer of Jin and Kazuya fighting

Great, hopefully they add the runner ups from the character concept poll

What if T7 leak is just a ruse to throw everyone off the scent of TKxSF? They’ve been very quiet about it so far.

story arc, after the events of T6 Alisas body was destroyed from the massive electrical discharge of lars’ lightning screw as he ark blasted all over her mechanical body, traumatized by these events lars buried her sticky metal body in the gobi desert, but he kept her head, after years of using her head as a fleshlight lars gets bad news from his doctor that he has developed testicular cancer as alisa’s brain was nuclear powered for whatever reason, rather then getting treated for cancer, lars fled to the mountains where he lived in a cave and lived out the rest of his days eating digiorno pizzas until one day he cut a fart so massive it made all his vital organs collapse, killing him.
just like that i killed off alisa and lars

What time is the announcement? I Thought it was at 5:30 pdt. Isn’t 6:19 pdt now?

Should be within the next hour. Just remember that tournaments tend to be behind schedule and EVO is no different.

Thread already exists.

Nope, T7 is real. I’ve actually known about this for awhile now and couldn’t help but lol at all the speculation in the TxSF thread.

Don’t hate on Alisa and as I recall she didn’t even top during EVOs in T6.

I’m hype for a Tekken 7. I was getting tired of Tekken so I passed on Tag 2, but now that I’ve taken that break Tekken 7 will bring me back into the game.

I suspect that Heihachi tossed Kazumi over a cliff due to an overcooked pot roast