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So you must know about TxSF as well…


Sounds like Kazumi Mishima’s gonna be a GILF, if she’s confirmed for this game.

Tekken’s first playable old lady confirme (that’s to say she is in the game and is old)


EDIT: Damn beat me to it. Here’s the Japanese Version any ways

Tekken 7. The biggest non announcement ever. lol. Always expect a new tekken every few years. The only thing im worried about is the death of ttt2 for T7. While normally i can move on to the next tekken perfectly fine, TTT2 is a game i feel i never want to stop playing. I wonder if harada took any consideration of the existence of TTT2 in Tekken 7. Can you make a new tekken game that doesnt end up taking everyone from TTT2? Is that even worth considering?

I imagine TTT2 will at least alive online for a while to come because the netcode is so good, and alive not just in america who will have to wait at least a year and a half post arcade release to even touch tekken 7. So for those in america not close to an arcade that can purchase a tekken 7 machine (if it can even be properly updated outside of japan), i guess not much to worry about, because we wont be touching tekken 7 until like fall of 2016 anyways.

TTT2 was announced about 1 year before (2010) its arcade release, and then the second version came out in march 2012, so i dont expect Tekken 7 until next summer to hit arcades, then another update by the winter, along with date set for console release in fall of 2016. I dont know what im worried about. I just really love some ttt2, and id have to see such a fun game just dwindle and die to the new stuff, but at the very least it has great online, and i can always hit up friends to play anytime if i wanna play it post Tekken 7’s console release.

Who knows, maybe in 2 years i would have finally worn out my love for TTT2, and after watching Tekken 7 online for a year, will be fiending to step into the ring with a new tekken.

Please tell me Kazumi and Jun team up to tame Kazuya and his Devil Gene. That would be a perfect opportunity to bring Jun back into the story. She’s only been in ONE canonical game for crying out loud…

LOL R.I.P TxSF though

I just hope this one moves the series forward mechanically instead of just generally copy pasting T3/T5 and adding stuff to make combos longer.

Heihachi had the angel gene the whole time.

Getting hype for this

they could make it tekken 5.8 I’d still be game

His hair is actually a mutation of Angel Wings, if he grew them out, he’d be able to fly with wings on his head.

Best Mishima returns to the spotlight.
Oh yes!

i honestly wouldnt mind if it was just T6 with new lighting

Are you for real? Wtf I never knew that lol. Tekken never ceases to amaze me.

More interested in TxSF, probably vaporware tho :coffee:

I know the Tekken story is stupid but come on man, you can’t spot obvious sarcasm?

what i would actually really like to see is an emphasis on smaller combos off of launchers without the removal of bound, maybe make juggles knock people further away at the start? maybe for example kazuya ff+3, ewgf, df321 being an optimal damage combo off of the ff+3 launcher, but also ff+3, ewgf, df+12, dash up d+3+4 being optimal for oki. Im also a big fan of characters who have normals that go into small animations on counterhit that give more damage and an alright oki position like lars b+4 and bob f+4. i would like to see more of those across the board but i highly doubt that would happen

I had a feeling but I wanted to believe. Sue me…

I bought it too. Tekken is too nutty for this joke to work right, though it’s equally funny that people would believe something like that about it.