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Buying Armor King out of novelty.

Julia Chang is also a guarantee the moment she becomes available



it seems there is a little balance patch too.

No more Glitching trough opponents :smile:
“Feng - qcf+1 - Specific circumstances where the move will leave you backwards behind the opponent has now been fixed. The attack hitbox has also been made bigger.”

eh, its still in :sob:



marduk looks hella beast
the negan reveal trailer was pretty well made
good job Namco :slight_smile:

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to nitpick a bit, i am really not a fan of the new char select song and the healthbar color.

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Not bad, but definitely not as much build up. Just kinda takes you straight to the wub and not as interestingly arranged as the other songs. Even with not really playing the game I’d love just hearing the console select song going in the background during streams.

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previous one was more “relaxed” and the new has that g.corp helipad night stage theme vibe and man that theme is annoying as fuck, especially on later rounds. but at the end its nothing wild, just have to pick my char faster then usual :stuck_out_tongue:

what keeps you away from playing it?

old theme



I don’t like those things either.

However, I never liked the original character select song, it’s better than the new one for sure.

When I play on PS4, I used the old tekken tag 1 PS2 character select song.



I’m rocking Tekken 5 character select music on my PS4.

Speaking of which, I’m still mad there’s no Tekken tunes on PC. Just… why.



Yeah. Tekken tune would go a long way. T7 really seem to be pushing for crazy dubstep stuff. I do love a handful of tracks.

That forgotten realm (Round 2) though. One of the best torture devices ever created. ‘How can we improve this track?’ More everything… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zqyXJkeQizE&index=7&list=RDXnOjeW-4PQQ

Worst part is that PC jukebox mod doesn’t work anymore. I converted 1000+ tracks for the mod. From many fighting games, some real obscure stuff. :(.


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can someone answer me, in customization mode, I see bikini customs for females and it says you need to purchase it from PS store. I went on PS store but there’s nothing there about bikinis. is Namco trolling?



when its the one shown there you need to buy either the tekken bowl dlc pack or the whole season1 pass.

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thank you so much

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Lee studied with Paul Phoenix and Marshall Law in the U.S. This is the reason why Lee shares some of the moves as Paul and Marshall. Lee’s parents died when he was a young child, leaving him to fend for himself on the streets. Facing a hostile environment each day, he quickly became a skilled scrapper with reflexes that were amazing for a boy of his age. It was these qualities that caught the eye of Heihachi, who witnessed Lee fighting off several other kids while on a business trip. Impressed by Lee’s street-fighting skill, Heihachi decided to adopt Lee.

Heihachi then took Lee Chaolan back to Japan to be educated. Heihachi never actually felt any emotion towards Lee; the real purpose was to give Kazuya a rival to inspire him to shape up. Their combat skill is equal, but those who know Lee’s power fear the “Silver-Haired Demon”. Pertaining to Heihachi Mishima as his adopted son, Lee Chaolan was entitled to the Mishima Zaibatsu just as much as Kazuya Mishima.



Nothing still beats the OG arcade theme (the actual one begins at 0:55)

Namco why u do dis?



TekkenGamer is shutting down



jdcr with his first youtube video on his channel about armor king


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Both coming 28th this month.


Jesus fuck Arslan’s play is so fucking clean.

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