Tekken 7 PS4 Beta - Weekly Streams from Australia


You might’ve seen over on ATP, Reddit or my Twitter, but I figured I should share here as well. I run a Twitch channel where I stream gameplay of the latest build of Tekken 7 for PS4 every week. So far we’ve been showcasing quite a lot of Lee and Miguel, and I’ve also put together a video explaining changes to Lee in Tekken 7 (which you should definitely check out if you’re a Lee player).

If you’re interested in seeing some Tekken 7 action on an English-speaking stream with great viewer interaction, come chill with us. Every Friday, 12PM AEST (Thu 6PM PST).
Stream link: https://www.twitch.tv/blankaexx

Q: How are you playing the PS4 beta?
A: Bandai Namco Australia graciously invites us to come to their office every week to stream the game and share it with the world.

Q: Can I get the beta?
A: No. If you’d like to play though, you’re welcome to attend our monthly event. For a small entry fee, you’re able to play as much as you like the entire day.

Q: What time do you stream?
A: I stream from the Bamco office from 12pm AEST every Friday, which is 6PM Thursday for PST. I also stream YSBs when they happen (see above).

Q: Who are the players on your stream?
A: Mainly the Sydney Tekken community. You’ll typically see Tekken veterans and tournament champions playing on stream, so you can rest assured that you’re seeing decent level Tekken.

Q: [Question about something technical - frames, moves, combos, etc]
A: Ask on stream! We have a lot of knowledge between us, and many of us have experience playing in Japan and Korea as well, so we can most probably answer your question.

Q: [Question about something Bamco related - new characters, DLC, dates, products, etc]
A: Please don’t ask. We don’t know, and even if we did, we wouldn’t be able to tell you.


Tried to watch the stream last night, but it was too laggy i couldn’t take it. I have seen some of your other streams that weren’t laggy like that though and appreciate the effort to get us that T7 content while we’re all waiting!


Thanks for coming! Unfortunately we had very poor internet connection yesterday so it didn’t turn out so well, but like you said, it’s usually a lot better. The VOD is available on Youtube now though, and it’s a lot better than what’s on Twitch.