Tekken 7 punishment and throwbreak trainer(+2)

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So I made a little trainer for T7 that allows you to:
• Make a dummy to repeat more than 5 moves in practice mode.
• Show and control lag more precisely in practice mode and ‘Searching for Opponent…’ screen(SOC).

Download link.

And I think it’s worth sharing with the community. Here’s a quick demonstration:

Now let me explain how to use it and what you can use this trainer for.

To control lag in practice mode(or in SOC) you just enter a number and press Set lag button. Originally I made this function because I play Tekken online only, and when I started playing I found out that when I practice combos in SOC, I drop them in actual matches because there is only 1 frame of additional lag in SOC and around 5 frames of additional lag in actual matches. So I made this trainer, so I could control lag in SOC. And pretty much immediately after I set lag to 5 frames in SOC, I stopped dropping combos in actual matches because lag was the same in SOC and in matches.

People that play offline tournaments might want to change lag in practice mode from 1 to 2 frames to make it closer to a lag when they play PS4 offline tournaments which use splitters to transfer video signal to multiple monitors, or just because of bigger lag on PS4 in general.

Second function allows you to make a dummy to repeat more than 5 moves in practice mode. I made this function so I can make a dummy to do 3 or more different throws(1, 2 and 1+2 breaks), and 3+ punishable/steppable moves, so I have to not only react to throws but also punish moves accordingly and vise versa. Which isn’t possible by default, because you can only choose 5 moves from a movelist. There are also different strings that have different enders and also looks almost the same, so often there are more than 5 actions you want to train.

To use this function you need to choose Repeat Action 1, Move List and choose any move from the list, so at the end you have this:

You also want to open movelist and write down or remember IDs(numbers on the left) of moves you want your dummy to repeat.

Then in a trainer you set IDs of moves from a moveslist you want your dummy to repeat, press Ok, check Activate Repeat Action Randomizer checkbox and it should start repeating all moves you’ve chosen:

You can also save your movelist to a file, and load movelist from a file, so you don’t have to type it every single time by hand:

You can use this Trainer and record moves in Repeat Action 2-5. But you will need to calculate how often you want Repeat Action 2 to be chosen. Frequency in the game and Frequency in the trainer are different things. At the start game will choose one of the Repeat Actions 1-5. And only if game chooses Repeat Action 1 - only then one of the moves you set in the trainer will be chosen.

So let’s say you have 9 moves in the trainer with Freqeuncy 100 each. And you recorded Repeat Action 2. And you want Repeat Action 2 to come out as frequent as any of the 9 moves in the Trainer. Then you want to set Repeat Action 2 frequency to 10 and it will come out with around the same frequency as 9 moves in the Trainer.


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Have an issue with recognizing which arm(s) to break throws with. Any tips? It’s too fast or too unrecognizable.