Tekken button layout?

Hello everyone.

Can some one suggest button layout for playing tekken?? i have seen than “Knee” have 5 buttons on his stick shown in some vids on youtube. Do someone know how he has set it up? i play also with bryan, and want setup which is easy to use


If it’s easier to Knee to have that layout, why would it be the best layout for you?

My advice is, place your hand on a piece of paper on the most comfortable way for you, the way you would be best playing, and with the other hand, trace it, just like little kids do… This way, you’ll have a layout that fits your hand perfectly. Go to slagcoin.com/joystick for more info :wonder:

Anyway, this is the wrong place to ask this, as there is a whole thread related to CP layouts and templates.

That 5 button setup is most likely just the standard tekken layout, which is the standard 6 button capcom layout, but the last 2 buttons omitted, and the 5th button being a start button. You mean Knee’s Clear see through blue stick right?

did u eva find out wat knees button set up was??

Use the first 2 to the left