Tekken chains cancel into boost?


I seem to be able to do nina’s 3x df+lk chain and then cancel into crouch fierce and then launcher.

When I discovered this I made a face because I didn’t think you could cancel tekken chains like that - and I certainly didn’t think you could link cr.hp off the third hit of flash kicks. I know the mk ender is +12 on hit or somesuch, but I thought the last lk was only +3 and cr.hp surely isn’t that fast.

What is going on here - have I misunderstood the utility of tekken chains? Is it just a special property of flash kicks? Seems like a surprisingly braindead way to safely confirm into launcher!


You don’t even need to do the cr.hp. You can cancel the mk part of the Flash Kicks combo right into launcher. Though all Tekken chains can be canceled into launcher, the launcher will only hit if you have enough frame advantages. I tried it using Kazuya’s lp,mp,mk xx launcher and although it works, the opponent can block the launcher and leave Kazuya open for a punish. His lk,lp,mk,hp xx launcher combo works instead. People will just have to experiment which Tekken string works with launcher or not.


Wow, I totally missed that.

Saves me learning to link jabs!


You can’t link jabs?


Linking jabs isn’t easy for every character. Besides, for a newcomer linking anything at all is difficult.

Yeah, for Kazuya it’s best to do something like Cr. MK, St. HP, launcher, but the LP MP MK HP chain gives you time to visually confirm it’s hitting.