Tekken Chicken Mobile Application

For those of you wanting a compiled list of frame data at your finger tips you have to look for further.
Tekken Chicken: https://play.google.com/store/apps/deta … cken&hl=en

This app will give you access to things like: Frame Data, Punishers, Launchers, Bound Moves, Natural Combos (including Natural Combos on Counter) Wall Splat moves and much more.

-This app is still under development, but you do have access to all characters frame data.
-This app is being ported to iOS soon as well, so you iPhone and iPad junkies can have your fix too!

(Also if someone could sticky this so I can push updates and what they consist of that would be pretty sweet and very helpful to the community that’s wanting to focus on their TTT2 game)

It’s a great app for Tekken 7 with a lot of useful features. Also handy to look up when practicing or playing online with a new characters.

I like the filters for various move types and how they organized it and frame data.

Needs a combo database too.