Tekken Comic_by some dudes

heres a look of a project im workin on…its still alittle messy and some of the panels BG’s arent done…but ill show anyway…this is a project me and some other dudes are working on kinda like a tekken comic made by fans of the game…so this will def. be better than that tekken shit Image made some years back

hope ya like


good stuff… his face is a tad dark in the first panel, but otherwise I’m liking it :slight_smile:


I’m liking it to, good work to the both of you.

Rook, i like your sig lol. You’re a funny guy.:stuck_out_tongue:


great job man.

thanks guys…im really hopin this independant comic gets as much attention as SF

Eh what up Aztekh well come to SRK. The comic is looking great! I guess Dark_R still wants me to do something so im just waiting on the word. I saw your entries for the drawstick contest and they are bad ass, Im almost done with mine.