Tekken commentator inspired me

Aight whoever the guy was with the beard doing commentary on Tekken 6, he was funny as hell. After watching that whole thing online I knew I wanted to get into this community seems cool as hell. I’ve been listening to the radio show additively and it feels like fighting game college… Lovin it.

Wrong forum bro. SRK is mostly Street Fighter and similar series (MvC, CvS, etc.). The real Tekken community is here: Tekken Zaibatsu Forums - Tekken 6

That was Aris commentating on T6. His usually does a good job of commentating. One of the best things about him is that he speaks his mind. Sure some of it is unprofessional, but its that different style and no holds barred approach that reveal some of the more insightful glimpses at psychology of high level play.

By radio show should I assume you mean his Podcast? Aris is funny as hell

lol. that was aris. hilarious as hell.

tekken community is ridiculously tight, and all of us have known each other for years now… makes it easier for us to commentate and talk shit about each other. call it unprofessional (like srk people seem to think) but THAT is our community… we yell at each other during tournaments, we crack jokes about people playing, we bust each others chops after hard losses and fuck ups… i know alot of people were upset by whatever “bias” they though was going on, but that’s not the case. we compete seriously and we all have a invested interest in the game, but tournaments are really about getting whatever community we have still and having a good time enjoying a good game. aris, q, and filthie are great representatives for the community, hopefully they keep people interested in the game.

aris is the rockefeller of tekken. takes a game i normally have no interest in and makes it entertaining.

I don’t think this is the wrong forum. I like SNK games the most, and Capcom games secondly. I never play Tekken I was just saying his commentary was awesome.

i watched 3s just for rockefeller. even if you don’t like the game (though, i’m convinced alot of people with verbal hate for the game really haven’t tried it) there are some characters in the tekken community that are worth checking out.

Aris is one hell of a commentator. Just wish that people didn’t rip on Tekken as much it sort of bugged me while I was watchin the Tekken pools. =\

Avoiding the Puddle is the best podcast i have ever heard.
Aris is so funny lol, what i like about him, as said above, is that he speaks his mind, he doenst fuck around when he wants to say something, he’s straight to the point.
The only bad thing is that MVK (or MKV dont remember) varely speaks because aris doesnt let him talk.

Neither! It is MYK. It’s probably partly due to the fact that many listeners love Aris so it’s quite natural for MYK to give him more time to speak during the podcast.

I actually went and borrowed tekken 6 after watching the stream. Had never played it before… It’s cool but I don’t really see myself learning 3d fighters. Aris (?) is awesome.

Tekken 6 is a fun game, but it’s fun to me in the same way DoA4 is fun to me. Can’t really dive into it. Hope it comes back next year though. Worthy title.

I love Aris. Especially with me being a Dragunov player, I look up to him.

Yep dood is solid and terrific

I like the clean mouth Aris better, but he is funny either way. Keep practicing those good manners, Aris! The Tekken community is more humble since our game scraped it’s knees upon release, but if you want to play Tekken 6 now, that is awesome. If not we will get you “juggling like a clown” by Tekken 7. :rofl:

Props to the tekken guys. I’m one of those who think tekken is just a game of juggling like a clown but when aris, filthle and the other guy was commentating it was genuinely interesting and i watched the majority of the tekken tournament.


That’s what I love about the Tekken community & the fighting game community as a whole where people are tight. I’m a pretty casual gamer, so when I look around and see that I have two major friends groups that consist of people who do not play ANY game whatsoever and then a group of people who are consistently traveling to compete in tournaments, it makes me realize that what they have in common is that they’re people who are a part of a tight knit community. It’s a great feeling & I think it makes playing more enjoyable because I really had a lot of fun when I used to play Tekken.