Tekken Comming to 3DS and WiiU

So in the nintendo press confference we all saw the new Tekken for 3DS that looks great, But also we saw Tekken on the new Nintendo’s WiiU with new custom options like making tatoos, hair, clothes… And this game could be Tekken Tag Team Tournament 2… =D…

Is the school stage shown in Tekken WiiU the same one from console Tekken 3? It reminded me of that stage when I saw it. I’m going to have a lot of fun with the new custom options. :smiley:

Possibly Tekken 7 running on WiiU arcade hardware?

to be honest TTT2 graphically and gameplay wise>>>>>>>>>>>tekken wiiu

It’s not the final product and we dont know what Tekken would be… Maybe it can be TTT2

im saying that for a system that is supposed to be more powerfull than the ps3. its kind of underwhelming. but you are right it is early

What little specs Nintendo has released for the Wii U doesn’t lead me to believe it would be more powerful than a PS3.

Anyone but me picking up prime edition?

I find tekken to be much better on the PS3 than the Wii U…it would feel weird to be playing tekken on the Wii cause normally tekken games has been with sony for a long time, but I do like the customization options…but still!!