Tekken: DR Money Matches

I’m surprised I don’t already see a thread… :confused:

Well, let’s organize some money matches in the BYOC lounge at this year’s Evo tourneys. :wgrin:

I hope to be at Evo East, but I will definitely be at World. If I miss East, there’s a good chance I’ll come to West.

For money match noobs: FT = “first-to”. FT3 means “first to win 3 matches”. (not rounds, but matches. If it is not specifically mentioned, it’s assumed that all matches are 3 Rounds, by the way.)

I am not as confident in my DR skills as my VF skills, so I’m not putting down as much money.

I’m up for FT1-for-$5 or perhaps FT3-for-$20 or maybe even something like FT5-for-$50. However you want to set up the challenge, let me know.

My main is Lili. My next best is Hwaorang, but my skills are not that great at all with him. I was thinking about learning some others like Christie and maybe Feng as well, but I’m not going to bother as T6 is not that far off apparently and I’m much more focused on VF5 now anyway. Basically, if you want to go for big money, challenge my Lili.

I’m willing to do these in BYOC or the hotel, by the way.

I am willing to play on PS3 or PSP, by the way. Seriously, everonye… BRING YOUR PSPs!!! You’d be surprised how many matches we can get in between while waiting for another turn on a PS3.

there is a thread it on TZ

I see. Well, since this is the official Evo forum, there should be a thread here as well.

(And yes, I am on Zaibatsu. Yes, as Cla.)