Tekken DR Online mess

Was on my friends PS3 playing DR online. While lag was one heck of a bother (besides trying to constantly connect to rooms only for it to be dropped), there is this one little irk I’m sure MOST of you in here probably have:


Here’s the question:

HOW MANY IF YOU who have played in a host’s room have DEFEATED the host and subsequently been kicked from the room by the host as a result. I have seen this happen TOO MANY TIMES and have experienced this too damn much. Even my friend who owns the PS3 says it happens to him often when he beats the host in his room.

I’m talking beat the host once or twice and then they kick for no reason other than they being losers. Hell, there was this one Anna player who had host, and had a pretty godo winstreak (about 7 wins) up until this AWESOME Panda player came in and PWNED the mess out of the person. After match, saw the message “Game host is changing settings” and saw the winner get booted from the room.

Really really stupid.

Had to vent. Anyone else want to share?

yeah that shit happens all the time.

I’m figuring people are trying to keep there rank high so they don’t want to keep losing to the same person hence why they kick people out the room.

I just heard more about the ranking issue, and overall, it’s damn sloppy.

I mean, to keep this kind of shit from happening (a LOT), they need to make it to where your rank would NOT go down if you went on a losing streak. Saw some people who were complete beasts, yet their rank made them look like newbs to an extent (more or less >_>). So what if someone loses a few? Just suck it up and keep on playing the guy!

Too many pussies online that whine about ranking. Like it’s gonna make anyone’s e-penis grow any bigger.

yeah as it stands i’m a 1st Dan and at 62-61. I was at 2nd Dan but i went on a big time losing streak and dropped down a rank.

I will admit the ranking is pretty sloppy.

It’s never happened to me before and i’m 85-29 5th Dan.

Just make your own room and you won’t have that problem. Besides, too many people make 5-8 people rooms and I like to only have 3 player rooms.

Ok I just had this and find it to be far more irritating. Someone kicking you because you beat the crap out of them is one thing, but the classic disconnecting right before they lose is absolutely irritating.

This sort of practice happens in every online game. Over the years, I have seen the practice of kicking “the best in server” in Quakeworld, Unreal Tournament (and 200X), Counter-Strike, Quake 3, etc… In Warcraft 3 there was a disconnect glitch/exploit that would reset or lock up the game so the opponent wouldn’t record the loss.

The Tekken community is large, and I am sure that everyone who has a PS3 also has DRO. Hook up with some of the people here or at TZ for private games, and do not let the stat-padders ruin your game.

Well let’s do that then. I’ll play host since I could care less about my ratio (I’m surprised it’s still above 50%) so if someone’s interested, PM me and I’ll send out invites for a four player room.

I believe Arario, Slips and other players are trying to set up a blacklist over at Tekken Zaibatsu, so serious players can be aware of any players who are either abusing shitty tactics or are doing stuff like kicking out or booting people or dropping games etc.

I reccomend going there and checking out some names, and otherwise using that and the other online threads over at TZ to keep yourself playing with some more level headed and experienced players.

yeah reading that thread over at TekkenZaibatsu just shows me how elitist those guys are over their and it made my head hurt with all the pointless arguments to boot.

I mean Lord forbid if someone doesn’t know all the tech traps and such with the game. They make it seem as though if you suck at the game and resort to some of the basic moves,you’re a scrub.

Don’t you still get the win if someone disconnets?

Yeah, I’m far from good at this game and those people make me want to repent for my cartwheeling sinful ways…

yeah after seeing that they don’t like the being beat by Lili doing the cartwheel, i actually had to count the number of times i’ve won using that move.

Either way since being stuck in the 2nd Dan limbo i figured i need to practice up more with Steve.

Blacklists are dangerous. Someone could get blacklisted for no other reason that beating one of the TZ people, only to have the TZ person get pissed and put them on the blacklist. That is not to say that you should not keep a personal note of people that you do not want to play against. To make a community Blacklist will only stagnate the community.

The Sirlin argument of “Play to Win” has been beat to death on these boards, but is a highly appropriate response here. Use whatever “Tournament Legal” move you can to win a match. Skill does not mean using more “skill moves” or “tech traps,” but whether you can use your arsenal of moves to execute and win. People who complain about being beat by “simple moves” are often the scrubs. Scrubdom is the mother of Elitism.

Before people start to whine, “Online is much different than offline play… lag, glitches, red/yellow/green connection.” Yes. DRO, and any other online fighter needs to be approached differently than offline play. Online play is different, and much like Offline tournaments it will take time to develop a list of “Online Tournament Legal Moves.” To limit ourselves early on with “Blacklists” and “Proper (Elitist) Etiquette” will slow this process down.

i pretty much gave up on the whole ranking thing in fighting games anymore.


Yeah, I’m noticing that a lot and I just got the game lol. That’s why I fucking host now, losers can’t bear with the fact of a loss. But it’s funny how they keep the lesser opponents around just to boost their win percentage :confused:

Even funnier how they send messages to lower opponents to join their room, like this guy did to me today. Had built 6 wins on me, but then I trained Asuka and owned him the next time around - and I got kicked. Fucking lol.

THEY care about rank so much they boot the winner lame eh and also most people use the button bashing charcters which are top tier in my mind online on this game
i hope tekken 6 has good online play. tekken 5 is a mess online soo much delay no point playing

recently i’ve had pretty good connections and i haven’t been booted for winning in awhile. although i hate getting booted when you’re next in line after u’ve just joined the room and watched however many matches. that one annoys me.

I’ve noticed that once you start hitting upper Dan levels, they stop being whiny little girls. The people who kick for the sake of ranking usually don’t get that high for a while.