Tekken: DR to finally go online on PS3

Bout damn time. Maybe I actually have a reason to get a PS3 now…unless this goes 360.

Dear Sega,

Take a good, long look. You guys are the ONLY ones left who haven’t gotten in on this. Maybe it’s time to rethink your “no online” policy.


I for one, am excited. Surprised the “omg lag this suxxorz” squad hasn’t came in here yet. Oh, and hurray for practice. No idea what made them leave that out in the first place.

Awesome ;O!

Hmmm, $600 suddenly doesn’t seem so much…

Actually it does. But I will definitely get this when I buy a ps3 down the road.

Writes this as a reason to get PS3

Reasons listed so far since launch: 1

EDIT: I know MGS and XIII among others are coming in… but come onnn

yeah, lag will suck. But I will abuse it and do nothing but Mad Axe, it will be impossible to break that throw online.

Keep checking www.sdtekken.com for more updates :slight_smile: !

How are the North American gamers who downloaded the Hong Kong version going to pay for the update? eep

Bits of string?

Playstation Ticket? They are coming out first in Asia after all and I’m sure online retailers will have those up for sale, they have the JP Wii Points Cards for sale too.

I thought my friend was lying his ass off about that…

Well looks like I have to get a PS3

Edit: I had 360 instead of PS3… sorry the aftermath of being stoned.


Seconding that huh, and adding a wtf.

1st DR online commercial

LOL i remember you posted that on TZ:rofl::rofl::rofl:

And if you live in Europe… FUCK YOU.

LOL at King.

awwwwwwwwwwwww damn

PS3 here I come!!!

although it’s Jap-only, at least namco is realizing Tekken needs to get online like the rest of the real next-gen fighters (DOA4). Now let’s see SEGA and Namco get it together…

I hope it won’t be too long after the Jap release that the U.S. gets its hands on it quickly. All in all this is good.