Tekken fight stick for $50 for this game... yay or nay?


I’m not new to the fighting game scene, but I would consider myself a casual player, advanced amateur maybe. I have played everything since SF2, but always used a fight pad, and in the case of MvC3, an Xbox 360 controller.

I would love to get the feel of a fightstick and do better as a result, but the problem is that not only am I not made of money right now (poor college student) but I also have nobody to play the game with locally, and online tends to frustrate and sadden me as me as it entertains me.

Anyway, the Tekken stick and the Hori EX2 seem to be the cheapest around… am I going to see this game in a new light with a fightstick? Or should I just save my money and stay casual?


Go with the EX2. Tekken is wireless which means it not only lags to the console, but it has been known to drop inputs randomly. Neither are good experiences when you are practicing combos. But come on, no one in your college likes fighting games? Well you could meet up with some Alabama locals (I’m guessing you live there) in this thread:



Big nay. Same price, much better beginner stick.
Official Street Fighter IV FightStick for Microsoft Xbox 360 for Xbox 360 | GameStop


Wait… they still sell those? 0_0

Never mind what I said! Get the SFIV stick instead! If you can find one at a low price you would be able to mod it with genuine Sanwa parts. The EX2 and Tekken sticks are a pain in the ass to mod with good parts because the joystick and buttons are soldered directly into the PCB.


Thanks for the advice guys, I’ll try to hunt that one down I guess, it’s damned sexy-lookin’ to boot.

As for players in my area… there are a large number of guys who I watch play SSFIV in the game room on the school’s PS3 here at Auburn, but my schedule right now dictates that I’m on the move until 9pm each night. Usually just me in my apartment.

Plus, I would probably be embarrassed at how bad I am in comparison to these guys. >.>


I’d be embarrassed just knowing I live in Alabama. lol j/k
I’m sure they would be all ears to answering your questions and helping you out. :slight_smile: At the very least, you could spectate any tournaments nearby to have a first-hand experience of high-level play.


I’ve had my my tekken stick for about a year now and I’ve never had any lag or dropped inputs on it. if you’re new it’s a good stick to starting out. The only problem is that it runs on batteries and having the batteries die in the middle of a match really sucks. I just get rechargeable ones. However, if you can find the SF stick for 50 bucks, id say go with that. It’s easier to mod and you don’t have to worry about batteries.


EX2 on sale for $40 today at Amazon!

Amazon.com: Xbox360 Fighting Stick EX 2: Video Games


Wouldn’t pay more than $30 for an EX2. Really is shit.


Both the EX2 and the Tekken stick are pretty much garbage. You get what you pay for.

Also, read the stickies for advice on which stick to buy.


I finally have something to contribute, yay. Been playing fighters on arcades for years, 3rd Strike for the last couple pretty seriously. I use Happ Comp. sticks and Sanwa buttons on my Midway cab with 3s in it. Reeeally wanted to play MvC3 and the cheapest way for me was the Tekken bundle and MvC3 used from EB. I have never used a console stick so I can’t compare to other stock sticks, but I have used Happ, Sanwa, Seimetsu joys on cabinets before.

Have to say overall, I think this stick is crap :tdown:. I can’t pull off a Dp motion to save my life, I honestly thought at one point there was something physically wrong with my stick. Hit up training mode, probably getting around 30% success rate, Happ stick is probably 90%. I also have alot of trouble engaging two buttons at the same time, I find myself using the L+M+H button far more often then a 6 button guy should have to.

Been lurking tech talk for ages now, I should have known better.


So if the consensus here is that the EX2 and the Tekken models are crap, is the Mad Katz SFIV stick still worth seeking out and perhaps modding?

A Gamestop within 30 miles of me has it, and if anything it seems like it might a solid investment, if I didn’t like it they are selling on eBay for more than retail, currently.


Buying and moding an SE makes it the same price as a TE.


That’s a big nay.


Sure, when it was in production and had full retail price.

Now if you find one at about $40-$50 dollars used, you can get the sanwa stick and buttons for about another $40 more at lizardlick.com


Understanding why you get your ass kicked, and asking for advice how NOT to get your ass kicked is the fastest way to get better. No joke.

If you want to level up fast, this is gonna be one of the times where you swallow your pride, sit down and play. If these guys recognize that you are working and trying to get better, they will give you tips, although they might not at first because they don’t know you.


$50 SE + $50 parts = $100
TEs go on sale for $100 all the time. Used (and even some new) TEs go on sale in the trading outlet for $100 all the time. HRAPs go on sale for $100 all the time. If you wait for another B1G1 Free sale you can split it with someone and get a TE for $75.

Why even bother with an SE? Most of the people I know that bought SEs ended up buying a TE a few months down the road anyway because they’re that much better.


I actually like the SE though, really nice feeling stick.

  1. The recent Madcatz sales have only dropped prices with 15-20% If he can find a hundred dollar one, great.
  2. He only recently joined and therefore cannot use the trading outlet until six months is up as I understand.

Anyway, if you think about it, you only have to mod the stick when the parts crap out. Since he doesn’t have much money, he could just buy the SE to use now, and mod it when the time comes.


The EX2 is crap. I still have mine, but I recently got the MvC2 TE stick and I couldnt be happier. Listen to these guys and definitely stay away from that Hori stick. Unless you get it for free or something