Tekken for PSP

I’m guessing it’ll be a port of Tekken 5 or TAG, or maybe even DR!

more thumb blisters

I’ll buy it.

Damn, Darsktalkers, A3, and now Tekken.
The PSP is shaping up to be THE console for quality handheld fighters.

As long as Hwoarang is in it (which is a given), I’m sold on this one already.

Don’t forget Guilty Gear. Sounds good, I agree.

Wow! Tekken? The games are getting better; almost makes me wanna buy a PSP, almost.

Same here.

There was also a initial plan for KOF Maximum Impact, but I dunno what happened to that.

I personally think 3D fighters would work better than 2D fighters, given the fact that d-pad on PSP is horrible (and since 3D fighter involve fewer complicated directional imputs). The new external attachment supposedly works well but I’ve been scared to try because the adhesive is said to permanently ruin the exterior and also possibly void Sony’s warranty.

Wish me luck in wavedashing and EWGF’s. :frowning:

it’s probably just a port. whoopie.

Whats the point? I never understood the alure for portable fighters… I consider it something I can do at an arcade, or at home. But at a bus-stop or something? Besides we all know how portable fighters turn out.

Yeah, really really good points to ALPHA 3 Max and GG and even MotM

It would really suck if this the only port of DR were going to get though.

Don’t forget Shin Budokai.

Man I’m picking up this up even if it is just a rehash of T5. Can anyone say EWGF to go ?

Bleach DS is very good with online play and Naruto for the PSP is looking pretty good. Yup, we all know how portable fighters turn out :wonder:

Hopefully they allow you to use the analog nub instead of the d-pad.

awesome more psp fighters…!

When you think about it a bit more, the sky’s the limit as far as what fighters can be ported to the PSP.

Imagine if Capcom alone released; CvS2, 3S, ST, MvC2,
or SNK ported KOF, SS, Garou.
Shit, if they cared to, Sega could even release a visually toned-down version of V4:Evo for the PSP.

The hardware is certainly capable of it all, and can pull it off (almost) arcade-perfect. Handhelds are best suited for stop-&-go gaming, and fighters make pretty good sense on a portable, play a quick match or two, and shut the console off/put it on standby. Whereas say, an RPG requires longer sessions that don’t make as much sense if you’re on the go.

I’m hoping these first few fighters released generate enough sales to prompt publishers to release more fighters on the PSP. Even if they’re ports of older games, they’re still classics with tons of replay value, and we end up being the winners with a nice variety of fighters to pick from.

Just my 2.

Much rather have a version of Final Tuned, seeing as SEGA decided that they were not going to release a version of FT on the PS2.