TEKKEN FORCE - London UK tourney - 25th March 2011


It?s time to brush up on your ten-hit combos, as Namco Bandai are collaborating with UK Tekken community aficionados to launch TEKKEN FORCE!!!

These are monthly, London based Tekken 6 tournaments in a bid to crown the UK?s new ?King of Iron Fist Tournament?. Prizes (to be announced shortly) will include hardware donated by Hori, Gamerbase vouchers and cold, hard, cash.

Check out the announcement video: [media=youtube]VIl1bzPSCYM[/media]
You may also want to take a look at the previously leaked trailer: [media=youtube]Tk8hwOsBJ_U[/media]

Stay tuned to the YouTube - Tekkenlondon’s Channel Youtube channel for more updates, as well as:
Twitter: Tekken London (TekkenLondon) on Twitter
and Facebook Group for interactive/instant chat: Login | Facebook

Date: Last Friday of every month: next one Fri 25th March 2011
Venue: HMV Gamerbase in London?s Trocadero
Address and details: Gamerbase - About Gamerbase London Trocadero
Online Signup: Gamerbase - Tekken Force Monthly Tournament (all those wishing to take part must sign up online as spaces are limited)
Entry Fee: £10
Prizes: TBA soon
Format: PS3 console (bring your own controller). Round robin groups (with seeds), then single elimination knockout

Prizes and further details to follow in a few days!! Apart from that if you have any questions, just ask!


Just announced some SICK prizes.

Prizes for each month:

Prizes for the end of the season:

Make sure you come!!!