Tekken Force Round 5 (London UK) - Results & Vids

Another month, another Tekken Force.

Phew, what an event!!!

Although our champ Asim couldn’t make it this month and our counterparts in the US are busy with the huge Evo tournament (which UK’s own Ryan Hart repped pretty well!), there was still MORE than enough action and hype to keep our contestants occupied down here!!!

Aside from the Manchester rep OnTheBeat (Esmond) starting to become a regular down here, we also had a couple of invaders all the way from GERMANY for this event!!!

SabreDabre (who is known as Europe’s best Nina player) came down to exact his wrath on London, and succeeds after a nice final match with our resident ShinJin!
He was accompanied by Green Lei, who is known as a ferocious up and coming Lei player, who also made his mark on the event and the players.
I’m sure we haven’t seen the last of these two, and look forward to having these and other European players back for future events.

As this month’s winner, SabreDabre bags himself £200 cash, as well as a big Hori Real Arcade Pro 3 joystick, AND a free ticket to Europe’s next big tournament, Super VS Battle!!! (see below for tourney details)

Our runner up ShinJin doesn’t walk away empty handed though, he still wins £100 cash. And Inti in 3rd place nabs £50 worth of HMV vouchers.

Thanks to everyone else for coming, and look forward to seeing you next month!!! (put Friday 26th August in your calendar, the final public Tekken Force before Eurogamer Expo!)
And before that, there will also be a big Tekken (and multi-game) tournament in London on 12-14th August called Super VS Battle. Full details at http://www.supervsbattle.com/

Results are as follows:

1st – SabreDabre (GER)
2nd – ShinJin
3rd – Inti (Masamune)
4th – Fanatic Jin

5th – Green Lei, Bonus Jin, Lion-O, The One
7th – cristina, Amraj, ObiSamuraiDu, Dinosaur, Bullrage, iP Hero, The Chef, trancEaddict

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Some pics of the event: