Tekken Hybrid' PC Compatibility


Hey, thinking of getting a Tekken Hybrid Namca Fightstick for the PS3

Anyone know if it’s PC compatible?



Alight, officially if you ask the manufacturer (pretty much any manufacturer) the answer is NO it not for the PC as the stick was intended for the console its made for.

The SRK Tech Talk answer: YES. The Mad Catz TE-S (including the Tekken Hybrid Namco stick) works on the PC.
The Sticks after the TE-S came out switched from UHCI to OHCI protocols, oddly enough UHCI is not universal even with Universal being in its name (thank you Intel).


Ah ok, thanks dark :smiley: That puts my heart at ease. Thought I’d have to mod it for a new PCB or something. Glad I can just plug and play.