Tekken Hybrid Stick


My friend told me that it’s just a TE Round 2 with the sides cut off and replaced with a flat plastic piece. Is this true?


No! Thats a TE S with a diferent art(no art) and Namco logo!


Your friend is badly misinformed.


Yeah I thought he was off. Would you guys know if a TES is cheaper than that guy? Or are they both limited edition


That depends on so many factors. The cost of slavery in the country you reside in, the skills of the slave, their age, their beauty etc.

So it is entirely plausible that a TE-S fightstick could be worth more than ‘that guy’.


Funny stuff

Would a TE-S be cheaper than the Tekken Hybrid limited edition, then?


I dont think you are going to find one for what you are looking to pay, like ever.

Any stick with a real case, stick and buttons isnt going to be cheap.


I’m fine with paying $150 for it. I just don’t want to buy one and then kick myself in the ass later when I see it for $30 cheaper.

But if I’m going to pay $150 for it, I want to see how the Fighting Edge feels first.


oh I wasn’t referring to my price, just in general. The TEs doesn’t seem to depreciate in price that much, even more so for the Hybrid since there was only ps3 versions made (no 360).

I think the only way you’ll find one cheaper than the regular retail price (even used a little) is if it has some kind of problem or defect.


Of course it would.



Just picked up a SF4 TE S for less than $90 on eBay. Didn’t think it was half bad deal so. :smiley:
But thanks for the help guys.