Tekken I Art Tribute by around 40 Fans!


As the first part of a big Tekken Series Art Tribute i present you the Tekken I Tribute on Game Art HQ

Around 40 fans from the USA, Germany, UK, Poland, Philipines, Spain and more draw the 17 Tekken I characters in their designs from the now 18 year old Tekken




Take a look if you are not only playing the games but also like the characters and their history and fan art as well. Additionaly there are screenshots galleries for all characters and the official renders + background stories about the characters and their designs

The Game Art HQ Tekken Art Tribute continues in 2013 with Tekken 2, probably in Februar. Its our goal to get the whole series covered till mid 2014 when Tekken celebrates its 20th Anniversary


thanks for sharing this! such great art all around


You`re welcome Edwin, hope to have you onboard at one of the next “chapters” of our Tekken Tribute in 2013

Today Katsuhiro Harada himself saw our work which was damn cool for us. He tweeted about it