Tekken joystick Mod

Hey guy’s I have been all through the Himura Games/Modeverything.com tutorial from 2005 on Modding the tekken T5 stick but all the links to the photos on the website are gone does anyone have photo’s from this tutorial or photo’s of their own mod I am focused on the mod of the joystick to either sanwa or Seimitsu I know the mod is a pain the a$$ with that stupid bracket but I have heard many have done it before I am LD as hell I need visual aids or really detailed instructions. Also the site makes reference to “Sanwa JLF-TP-8Y (Flash will work also)” I know the JLF-TP-8Y but what is it mean flash will work also ??

Try this.


Thanks Shinkuu Tatsumaki that’s perfect man your a life saver I had seen one of those mod pic’s before but not of the joystick part

Np… Going to be modding my soon too once my parts arrived so i bookmarked the thread.