Tekken Movie Cast Confirmed?

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According to a movie site, a representative of the production team for the Tekken has confirmed the cast for the upcoming movie. “Casting confirmations include Kelly Overton as Christie, Luke Goss (HELLBOY 2) as Steve Fox, Gary Daniels (CITY HUNTER) as Bryan Fury, Candice Hillebrand (RESIDENT EVIL: APOCALYPSE) as Nina Williams, Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa (MORTAL KOMBAT) as Mishima, Darrin Henson (STOMP THE YARD) as Raven, Ian Anthony Dale as Kazuya, Cung Le (BLIZNIY BOY) as Marshall Law, Marian Zapico as Anna Williams, and UFC contender Roger Matador Huerta plays Miguel Rojas.”

Why didn’t they get Wesley Snipes for Raven?

This movie will suck now.

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Edit: Seriously, Kelly Overton as Christie? For some reason, I get the feeling this is gonna be as laughably bad [so bad its good?] as Street Fighter: The Live Action movie.

Anyone know who’s directing this movie anyway?

Wait? Miguel Rojas!!!?

Its All About Shang Tsung Gonna Be Heihachi!!! Your Soul Is Mine Kazuya!!!

With Gary Daniels, Luke Goss, and Cung Le in, at least the fight sequences should be decent.

Agreed about Kelly Overton.

Wow this is actually happening? And your right they should have gotten Wesley Snipes for the Raven part but oh well lol. I’ll probably check it out just because its an actual live action movie; I thought the anime was pretty good.

with some white hair gary daniels will definitely look the part.

How the hell can Miguel be in this? But no Jin? WTF.

Anyway, some pics, just in case this is true:

Christie: http://dvdtoile.com/ARTISTES/67/67887.jpg

Bryan Fury: http://images.hugi.is/martial_arts/7393.jpg

Nina: http://ocasionalidades.files.wordpress.com/2006/12/candice-hillebrand-gm_l12.jpg

Raven: http://www.millerizm.com/images/darrin-dewitt-henson-300b0111.jpg

Kazuya: http://cache.viewimages.com/xc/51276811.jpg?v=1&c=ViewImages&k=2&d=17A4AD9FDB9CF1939847EC77F5F8D1CE9C216735FE112ECFA40A659CEC4C8CB6

Marshal: http://images.thewavemag.com/images/feature_articles/v06_i18/feat_editors_picks_29.jpg

Miguel: http://www.mmaweekly.com/absolutenm/articlefiles/2030-Roger%20Huerta.jpg

jin is being played by jon foo from the protector.

Nice moves, but it’s not a fit for Jin. Just my opinion. And a white girl playing a brazilian chick who looks like Beyonce. :confused::wtf: ANd Darrin Henson playing Raven could work, seeing how he’s a dancer in real life and probably could pul of most of Raven’s moves.


there’s a problem here

btw Darren is fiiinnneee as hell!

This movie is being filmed in my city.


I didn’t see Jackie Chan as Lei Wulong, Wesley Snipes as Raven, Beyonce as Christie & Britney Spears as Bob… so I decided to leave this reply & leave.

why do u feel it doesnt fit. i have my own opinons just seeing if urs matches up to mine.

It seems to flashy, along the lines of Lee’s style in Tekken. And I feel the producers aren’t going to “limit” his ability, meaning they probably won’t have a proper representation of Jin’s style. But another thing is that will this Jin be based on T3/TTT or T5.

well i feel his style is too fluid. everyone has a flashy esque style even jin, he toned down the flashyness in tekken 4 when it became more of a traditional karate style. but the guy does have a good amount of aerial kicks in tekken 3. i feel he would have been much much better as lei, cause lei is a wushu practioner and thats jon foo’s base style.

I liked Cung Lee in Kwoon. http://www.kwoon.com

I don’t know if videos are up still, but I bought the DVD at Borders a couple of years back. :woot:

lol he just had a fight in elite xc. beat frank shamrock. i think hes more focused on mma now. i remember the fight…shit was hot. alot of kwoons fights were dope.

oh dang i didnt know cung was in the movie haha. they listed his last movie as BLIZNIY BOY thats too funny. my martial arts teacher was also in that movie. did a form in it.

anna williams looks good. :lovin:

hopefully they will do the right thing and smooth out her hair though