Tekken movie coming soon

Tekken movie trailer


The only thing “new” of the news that you posted is that the Tekken CG movie is having a one night screening in theaters.

And here I was, scared that it was gonna be another live action one.


This CG movie better have multiple awkward dance scenes

Just saw the trailer.

—so out of all the characters in the Tekken universe that they could decide to give a role-push…they chose fucking Xiayou (who in this trailer is depicted like a government spy wearing a schoolgirl sailor outfit despite the fact that she has always been depicted in Tekken as a ditz with generic anime puppy love for the young male lead of the series) and Alisa (a Japanophile’s wet dream, robot-maid style). Out of the entire ROSTER of the Tekken series they give major roles to the prime “little anime girl” archetypes with one of them, Alisa, being new-as-fuck to the series whom is not deserving of more screen time than any of the original eight (the default Tekken 1 characters). Just seeing them both on a flying panda tells me everything I want to know about what direction they’re taking this film in and the idiot writers that they got to do it.

It’s like the Street Fighter Alpha anime: they took Sakura, the most story-worthless character of the Street Fighter universe and gave her as much screen time as Ken (and most of her scenes were from a hospital bed). And in Generations? She DOMINATED Ken in screen time. Japan just can’t get enough of it’s teenaged schoolgirl-obsessed bullshit and that probably explains the whole panty-vending-machine-on-the-Ginza-strip thing that they’ve got going on over there.

—settings in this film include a school…with school boys diving off of rooftops. I can’t wait to see what kinda original, hokey Japanese anime story involving socially disconnected teenagers that they drag out of this. It’s like something I would expect from Evangelion or Bleach.

Jin Kazama will be about as drab in this as Leon was in RE Degeneration. Lone Dragon once made a good point illustrating how Jin has become overplayed and overdone and is no longer an interesting spotlight character. Kazuya got like 2 Tekken games to hog the spotlight (after that the series changed gears) yet Jin just got done with his fuckin’ 4th and is probably on his way to his 5th. It’s getting tiresome and I don’t even see how Jin fans can still stand him and his stern, unmoving, endless revenge-theme crap (note how the film is titled “Vengeance” so score yet another typical Jin Kazama plot). We’ve seen Jin vs Kazuya a thousand times but not Kazuya vs anybody else nearly enough.

Nina and Anna. Are you fucking kidding me? Like this match-up & sibling rivalry hasn’t been milked over a hundred times and now it warrants screen time on a film feature? What happened to Kazuya vs Paul/Lee/Eddy/Leo? Law vs Baek? Lei vs Bryan/Bruce? Jack vs ANYBODY? Any of these match-ups & rivalries would’ve been more original (and are yet to be expanded) than this generic fanboy horseshit that was thrown in this trailer for obvious reasons. I’m pretty sure they’re only in this film to represent themselves as the designated skanks of the Tekken series. By the way I’m glad that they’ve stayed faithful to the fighting game by including the move Nina does in Tekken where she spreads her legs up into the air to display her birth canal to the world. Stuff like this makes me confident that this film wasn’t meant to cater to sex-deprived males. Can’t they just delete this worthless scene for something better and save it for the most-likely-to-happen hentai film instead?

Count on most of the other (better a.k.a. less fanboy-driven) Tekken characters, no matter how veteran or interesting they are, to be reduced to background-cameo status. If Paul and Law are lucky maybe they’ll get promoted to “Team Rocket” slapstick comedy status and accidentally kick eachother in the balls throughout the entire film and that’s it.

—speaking of “fight scenes” I expect this to lack what most Japanese-animated productions have lacked on several occasions: good fight scenes. Japan has a recent hard-on for heavy power punches, slow motion effects, angry screaming, and powerful body-flinging/smashing moves (clearly depicted in this trailer as the highlights of Jin vs Kazuya @ 52 seconds) as opposed to actual fight choreography, footwork, interceptions and exchanges that give you the feeling that these characters are martial artists and not generic anime-depicted brawlers. The last quality Japanese-animated fight scenes died with Street Fighter: The Animated Movie and the first 3 episodes of Street Fighter II V. They’ve yet to do anything remarkable in CG and this trailer indicates that they didn’t make any heavy attempts.

—you see all of the production credentials they try to shove into this film like they mean something? Cowboy Bebop, although great, is over a decade old and whoever made it back then obviously hasn’t been able to make anything great/memorable ever since, so fuck that guy. Ghost in the Shell: SAC (other than looking pretty good despite how much digital animation looks shitty/lazy compared to cel animation) was just about The Major going to work in her lingerie, hogging the camera and showing off her tits & ass whenever the cyberpunk storylines got too complicated for idiot viewers, a total fanservice joke compared to the original GitS film that did much better by comparison. And Resident Evil: Degeneration? That flik was absolute balls and if you’re not sure why then this will spell it all out for you. All of these credentials just further guarantee how inevitably bad this film is probably gonna be.

This just seems like drab, story-heavy bullshit (not really focused on good fight scenes) that would probably make more money if it was a drama CD instead. If the fighting is brief & shitty and the movie is all about corny character interaction, robots, explosions and little girls then Namco should save up all that yen for Soul Calibur V so that they’ll have some extra cash for when they buy the rights to Cloud Strife as a guest character and so they can pay off the extra production value for Ivy’s new tit job. Besides, most people (especially in the anime threads here) that are saying “I’ll watch it” don’t support Japanese-animated shit nowadays anyway despite how much they say they love it. They’ll download it off a torrent or wait to bum it off youtube.

and an intense bowling tournament scene. It’s not Tekken without it.

I’m all for showing more of whitegirl Christie’s buttcrack, I dunno about you.

I ordered tickets for this. Not gonna expect anything great, but I am a fan of the series, and the cg will look pretty.

I thought Advent Children was cool, but the updated Complete version greatly improved it. The Resident Evil cg movie was alright, mainly because it wasn’t the live-action films, which I detest.

imma be pissed if steves not in this.

[color=indigo]LOL, Christie’s ‘white’ now? Ohhhh man—hope you were just messin’… :eek:[/COLOR]

sounds like a reference to the live action movie.

I couldn’t even tell the difference between the versions…I just know that the second version ran longer, but couldn’t tell what was added (LOOOONG time between viewing the first version and the Complete version). What was new/extended?

They explained in better detail what the Geostigma thing was, and gave some background on the Denzel character. There’s also added battle damage to the character models from the fights, and the soundtrack is redone.

Lol, movie’s gonna suck ass.

Apparently she’s the girl that plays “whitegirl” Christie.

When did Alisa become a robot maid?

with you until then, then looked at name of poster. endless troll is go.

I bought tickets. It probably won’t be that great but I’m off that day and I’m a fan so…

I came into this thread hoping that winback would have made an essay-long rant. As usual, I was not disappointed.

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