Tekken or SF?


Ok n00b time. The only reason I even play SSF4 is because I was lucky enough to get a PS3 and a copy of SSF4 for my b-day a couple of months ago. Studying hard and getting better but it seems that people want to say that Tekken is better and I used to play that too but was forced out after Tekken 4 beccause of money issues. Should I get Tekken 6 and forget SF? Or should I stick with what I know (and love very much BTW, used to play SF2: Championship Edition at my local Minyards as a kid all the damned time but stopped after Alpha 3 for PS) and just wait for SF vs Tekken and then go hardcore on that? Just askin for opinions NOT TROLLS…thx


where’s the option for “I don’t care about tekken”


This game is still up in the air for me. I like some of the things I saw(like the mist step under fire balls, tvc ryu bouncing kaz off the wall for more juggle action)and on the one hand it could be the greatest thing ever! While on the other hand it could just be bunch of gimmicky bullshit to sucker fanboy into wasting money on there games. I’m just going to wait until I see more gameplay before I make my opinion.


Wrong forum?


Where the fuck are the mods, first VF thread now this shit…