Tekken Pilot Episode


Hi guys, first off I want to apologize if this is in the wrong thread section but I wanted to reach as many Tekken fans as I can for this so I posted it here.

I am currently in negotiation with Namco Bandai to release a pilot for a Tekken web series and would love to get some feedback on what the fans think about this before I go into filming (we are still at the pre-production stage and will commence filming in fall 2012 with the episode to be released December 2012).

At the moment, I am currently scripting the web series (10 episodes for around 8-12 mins each) to concentrate on the back story of 16 characters (6 episodes focused on two characters each (rivalling characters e.g. King and Marduk, Yoshimitsu and Bryan etc) and 4 episodes on 1 character each (one of which is the pilot) with the ultimate aim to get funding for a second series to focus on the actual tournament. I have been told by a friend/possible cast member (who played Tekken but not to the level of hardcore fans) that it would be better to just concentrate on around 4 characters and develop their back stories. Which idea would you the fans prefer?

Now, I have many more questions I would like to get fan advice for but this is an integral one and would like to sort this first so it would be great for some feedback. I have a very experienced team behind me and have sourced out producers, AD’s, editors, costume and make-up and will be shooting on RED or 5D, dependent on whether I want slow motion or not (which obviously isn’t great on RED). I have a decent budget (my own money) and would like to spend it to make a film that fans love and will shout about to fund a full series. I dont want it to be anything like Tekken 2010 movie or any other crap like that.

Your views would be much appreciated (Tekken and non-Tekken fans).



Interesting. I definitely agree that putting as much emphasis on 4 characters far outweighs having it spread out over 16 characters. As a fan of the storyline I’d love it if you can have it split between Kazuya and his relationship with his father Heihachi. And then how Heihachi then later adopted Lee to make Kazuya jealous. And probably then how Kazuya meets Jun. Having it around those 4 characters I think would be awesome. And then the other characters like Nina, Anna, Bruce, Lei, Jack, among others can be include in supporting roles to complement their stories maybe?

Have you tried posting this on http://tekkennation.com/forums/ or tekkenzaibatsu.com? You’d get a lot more responses there.


How about having Jackie Chan plays as an old Lei Wulong telling a child the story of Tekken?