Tekken player be aware


that this game has ripped the essence of all tekken characters away. nina has none of her counter moves. they did this so tekken character don’t overshadow theirs. it’s fun, but too much is missing.


I’m pretty sure the changes to tekken characters are for balance purposes, like ten hit combos for everyone on the tekken side and it would end up being kind of stupid don’t you think?

Also juggles that last a minute don’t really fit into a 2d fighter that well.


I play a lot of T6 and Jin has a bunch of similar moves - even if the commands and system are different, he definitely feels like Jin. Asuka seems quite a bit like her tekken version too, with those long chain attacks. I think they did a great job.


My question is this: will a tekken player who hates sf4 (not the other ones, just 4 and super 4) like this game?


funny thing is, in this game if you have meter juggles are a lot longer than in tekken6.
even sf4 had few combos that lasted longer than ones in t6… i hate when people say “tekken has minute long combos”, they are what, never played gg/bb or something? smh


It has a lot of flavor from 4, but the juggles are something that will appeal to tekken fans, also the game is way more footsie heavy then sf4.

More risk and reward due to weaker AA too.


i’m tekken player mostly, though i don’t hate sf4, i just don’t like it very much…
but i think this game has a lot of potential.


Juggles aside (great, it has juggles…so does every fighter for the last 10 years. That isn’t a tekken exclusive. Not really a way to make tekken players feel at home, what with this game including the annoying-looking sf4 flopping fish bounce animation), does it NOT feel like sf4 w/chains?


Using jin it feels quite a bit like tekken. This game has slow links, because if you hit stuff too fast they end up turning into chains. Juggles feel heavy and deliberate, so it feels a bit like T6 sometimes. The fact that chars have some Tekken strings make it feel really cool an different. I think the game is quite different from SF4 and I’m having lots of fun with it.


pshhh your in are turf buddy, your lucky your charecters are slightly simular, if it was me i would of made them all dan like shotos.


the moves they gave nina don’t give you the real feeling of her martial art style. she’s extremely different.


I’m a long time Tekken player who is still pretty scrubby at SF games but I quite enjoy this one (so far). The Tekken cast is different but like others have mentioned there is a lot that is accessible to Tekken players pretty quickly. The biggest downside is that their move lists are shrunk but it’s unreasonable to expect that the entire list would make it - some of TW variety in Tekken lists seems like it would just be redundant against the SF cast.


I feel like this is Sf4 with a dash of tekken. When I think of tekken, I think of reversals, mix ups, unique combos, and creative juggles and throws. I have played online a bit and I feel like its cross-over kicks and sweeps all day. I’m sure people will find clever combos as time goes on but I feel that the tekken characters have the short end of the stick. Also, since capcom has made a few games since Sf4 why cant we include features from previous titles? Push blocks, maybe some sort of combo breaker, ability to reset record of w/l, rematch option, ect…


this was a time for capcom to add a little more of an arsenal to their characters(more command normals and a better off-the-ground game). sadly they kept them pretty much the same. sorry if i keep repeating this, but nina feels sooo watered-down. she’s favorite tekken character. it’s like namco taking all of ryu’s specials away and leaving him with just normals.


TxSF is gonna be a fun game.



sfIV ae tag ft. tekken characters is what this game is. it has potential but its definitely sf4 with a new coat of paint.

wish i didn’t have to wait long for alisa…but she’ll probably play completely different than what i’m used to, anyway.


You don’t realize that this game is intended for newcomers, right? and the transition from 3D to 2D for tekken characters will obviously going to affect them in gameplay terms.


i kinda wish they’d make capcom vs capcom already.

leave tekken alone.


I disagree wholeheartedly.


Really? I only play Tekken 6 and he’s got a lot of his moves from there - I even use some of them in similar ways.