Tekken player new to SF


Hey SRK pplzz,

I’m a veteran Tekken player, tired of laggy/terrible online and I hear SF is pretty fun.

I’m a competitive player to the bone. I’m also used to using a stick, but I wanna try pad before I invest in a better stick. I need to get used to the buttons and work my way up to character combos/frame data/mind game/reaction and all that good stuff.

Since I’m a Tekken player, I also gotta get used to the new fast paced, 2D-ness of SF. I remember playing it back in the day on SNES, so you could say I’m quite rusty.

I already hit up some youtube vids and random forum posts about beginning and whatnot. I just wanted to know if there are any other helpful tips/places I can check out to improve my game.


  1. Stop Jumping
  2. A stick isn’t required to be great at this game. However, I would still suggest you give it a try as you may end up preferring it over a pad.
  3. Take the time to start reading through this: sonic hurricane dot com ? Footsies Handbook


I would highly recommend the videos in this thread: http://shoryuken.com/f322/basic-video-tutorial-guide-total-beginners-ssf4-234560/

Tbird is very good at describing the different aspects of the game. While maybe a bit boring to watch, they are definitely worth the sit-through. Also VersperArcades tutorial link listed in there (as well as all his other vids) are excellent as well for a beginner. I have also come back to SF after 12 years and both sets of videos have helped immensely.


Off the top of my head:

  1. Default guard position is low, not high/mid
  2. Break throws using prediction/active defense, rather than reaction
  3. Most link combos can be “plinked” to make them easier
  4. You cannot cancel into a special move after a chained normal (eg. Ryu/Ken’s cr.lp)
  5. Counter-hits give more frame advantage or different stun/crumple properties, similar to Tekken (frame traps are widely used)
  6. Note the mechanics behind landing frames
  7. Most special moves have lenient input commands. eg. A dragon punch is listed as f, d, df + p but you can actually just input any forward motion, any downward motion, any forward motion
  8. SF’s numeric notation refers to the directions denoted by the numeric keypad on a keyboard, not the numbers of the attacks. So f, d, df + P = 623 + P in numeric notation
  9. Backdashes have invincibility frames, forward dashes don’t.


There’s a lot of different versions of SF; which one are you gonna start playing?


Ilitirit cheers man, I’m just scouting around but that small list was helpful to me!
I had no idea that back dashing gave you invincibility frames. Could you elaborate on that a little more??



I’m starting SSF4, but so far I’m playing Ryu/Ken. They’re the only characters I can beat arcade mode with on hardest difficulty.

I also noticed that pad is pretty slow, and my fingers get tired after playing for a while, mashing too many buttons I guess… makes me feel nooby.

Footies handbook was pretty useful tho. I read like one-third of it before I went to bed. Hopefully I can finish it up tonite.

Thanks and keep the info coming pplz