Tekken player starting sf questions


I’ve been playing tekken for 8 years, and now I’m curious to learn SF5 while waiting for tekken 7 and to hoping to become a decent SF player while waiting.

I’m curious about combos, I’m wanting to make sure what I learn is the right stuff even if it’s a bit hard at first.

I’m wanting to try Nash for a first character and I’m curious if this youtube video are the combos I should be learning. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mPHsNQ45lgA

I really never played SF or watched it much, and I was told that doing trials aren’t something I would be using for combos.

Should I spend my time learning how to execute most of these combos and then start trying casual matches?

Any other tips for newbie other than combos?



The sorts of combos you should be focusing on are the ones that you will realistically land in a match. That video focuses mainly on those, so it’s a good starting point. In a lot of games, trials are way too situational, clunky and meter-inefficient to be worth spending time on, but the SFV-trials are quite okay, to my knowledge.

Otherwise, a lot of the concepts you know from Tekken will apply to SF as well.


I know in tekken that you have launchers and counter hit into launcher moves…

SF is similar in that way ? I should learn all of my characters moves that lead to combos?

Any other tip I should work on before going into casuals and not button smash while not focusing on improving?


Yeah, pretty much. Knowing which moves combo into which is important.

One other thing: focus on controlling space with your normals, first and foremost. It’s probably the most important skill you can learn, and Nash teaches it pretty nicely.


The basic fundamentals of tekken apply 2 SFV as well. Pokes, spacing, punishing etc… all these things r important in both tekken and SF. I will say tho that tekken focuses a lot more on movement than SFV does and also in tekken u don’t have 2 anti air which is very important in SF. Lastly make sure u practice Crush counter combos for when u block dp’s they do a lot of damage


does that nash video show all of the “launchers” for him and the combos?

I’m gonna learn the combos first, and look at a couple youtube videos and learn more of the fundamentals…

I still don’t know when to use LP / MP / HP and why which is better for each situation.

Same with supers like ryu, when I do his LP or MP or HP super…


Karin has a Just Frame, meaning Heihachi players can pick her up and abuse Tenko shenanigans to no end.

DP motions have no buffering like EWGF’s.

You can Korean wave dash in SFV by binding turbo to your movement.


If its your first foray into SF, i would probably pick Ryu and get the basics of the game down before switching over to Nash. I came over to SF during the USF4 days and selecting and learning Ryu really gave me a good grasp of the game. Not saying you cant succeed with Nash right off the bat, its just easier to do so with Ryu and transfer said knowledge to another motion based character like Nash. Posted above is a very decent Ryu guide to get started.

If you want to stick with Nash, that vesperarcade video is solid. Another good Nash basics video is posted below, The key is to learn the ranges of your pokes and normals, learning your anti air, picking 1-2 easy but damaging combos that you can use to start with, you’ll want to familiarize yourself with all the special moves. Make sure you understand what your v trigger does and its properties, also learn how to v reversal and cancel into super. You wont be able to do all of these things immediately, but take it one day at a time.



Launchers exist in Street fighter but are not the core of the combo system. Combos in Street fighter come from confirming an attack and either linking, chaining, or cancelling into another move. A hit in Street fighter creates hitstun(the opponent cannot htake any action during hitstun) then depending on the move you hit with that determines what you can do next in the combo.


I showed my friend this video


He said I didn’t need to practice and learn all these combos…

If he’s right, what combos should I learn and where to I learn them from?


Watch Ryu pros and do their combos.



Is that video not sufficient enough to learn all those combos ?

I wouldnt even know which move they used to start the combo, im a big noob still


stMP/fHP link to crHP cancel to special cancel to super
crLPx2 cancel to special cancel to super

there now you know Ryu’s combos


r u trolling me? or serious lol


Those 2 are pretty much all you need.

Even crush counter is just st hk st MP cr HP xx hpsrk.

Vtrigger is stmp crhp vtc sthk crlp xx hpsrk


crouching light punch-standing light punch-standing lk-lk tatsu-super is good if you have the meter and need a longer hit check. Back Hard kick-standing light kick=light tatsu to siper will get you more damage. if you dont have meter for a super finish with a hard punch SRK after the standing light kick