Tekken Players?

Hi, I was just wondering, I never hear any opinions of SFvT from a Tekken player’s perspective. I mean someone who may have never played or liked SF before. What are you thoughts? does this game interest you to try it out or are you going to wait for TvSF instead?

I’ve been a tekken player since '95.

So far it looks ok. The timing is not as strict as SSF4 and its not as chaotic as MvC games. The 1-frame links made me play SSF4 less and the seizure inducing supers and chaos made me give up on MvC games probably permanently. I’ll be buying SFxT day 1 for sure though.

But I LOATHE gems. I’m not mad that they are charging people for them. I’m not mad about tournament complications with gems. Tekken has always been simply pick your fighters and fight. No picking different supers or abilities or anything like that. You pick 1 or 2 people, then pick a stage, then you fight. Capcom may lose a lot of Tekken transplants with gems.

Gems aren’t completely a deal breaker with me. If capcom says they are vital to balancing i’ll play it 1st then judge, but i wont use gems. Ever. Even If it means i’m at a disadvantage. Im just gonna have to put more effort in to gettin good at this one.

I’d MUUUUUCH rather have TxSF, but both of these games can potentially make the fighting game community bigger and that’s a good thing. So ill buy both to support the community.

Game isn’t out yet, so not many people know.

Im a tekken player since T3 but didnt get good til T5, and I cant wait for this game… never got big into 2d games, but I cant wait to beat down ppl in the 2d arena with tekken characters. One thing I might add is the online will be good for this, it was never so good in T6, so that will help as I dont live close to an arcade. I just hope my main Bryan is in and good and has his unblockable taunt.

Same here, started with T3, got serious at T5, hardly touched T6 much and from what I have seen, SFxTK will be pretty good.

It is an SF environment with Tekken moves/strategies and as with 2D games, I think meter will be really important especially for us Tekken players and some gems really help us in that department. That’s probably one of the reasons they put them in; gems such as ones that build meter quickly when we are blocking (imagine a Sagat obstacle course) and power gems to further strike fear in close combat mixup/combos known for Tekken-style strategy.

We got some nice oki/mixups/combos as long as we can get in the fight, SF players will want to zone us out. They will probably want speed and defence gems as we dish out tons of damage and can keep players on their toes if we get close.

I didn’t really like gems (still don’t like the activation glows, seizures anyone?) but from what I have seen, they will help a little bit in what ever stratagy/play style you have in mind.

I started playing SSF4 because of T6’s horrible net-code. I grew to like it but always wondered what it could happen if Tekken characters were somehow implemented in an SF4 2D engine. It’s like Trollno read my mind.

As for TKxSF, that game will be interesting and am looking forward to that game also.