Tekken Producer wants to see VF vs TEKKEN Vol. - Here we go again

The mechanics of the games in question are so different, I would actually want to see this game just to see how it would play.

omg…VF??? VF and Tekken are so different…Isnt VF slow compared to Tekken??

Exactly, I want it just to see what kind of fighting system it gives out.

Where’s my Fighter’s Megamix 2? :sad:

Pretty much.

I wonder they’ll go for a bizarre amalgamation of different concepts from both franchises? Kind of hard to imagine, but would be awesome to see, nonetheless.

They’d probably end up going with the Tekken system for mass appeal. I don’t know how they’d make this work though.


Or they could do something completely different with how the game plays

I honestly don’t see how a game like that would work. Even if they went for a combination of mechanics from both games fans on both sides would still find things to bitch about.

Why dont they do their own interation of VF vs Tekken like how Capcom and SNK did theirs. That way you can please both fans. In all honesty I do hope they make this project a reality sometime soon.

I remember saying something similar a few years back. So many negs. So, so many negs.

OT: I wanna play as the guy that looks like a shark.

Tekken with ring outs?:wow:

Virtua Fighter with… you got me. What does Tekken have to contribute other than roster?

You talking about Goh?


EDIT: If it happens, I hope it has VF’s throw break system.

I can probably count the number of occasions I’ve played VF on both my hands. But from what I played of VF, The game might be slower, but the branching factor is much higher.

But if a TvV were to happen, the differences in pacing shouldn’t matter. Just imagine all the VF chars as grappler-types, and all the Tekken chars as pixie-types. lol

Roof-bounce from Tekken 4. Do it!!

Oh fuck I remember that! That was awesome. But to have that, it’d require Tekken’s insane juggle height and duration which I’d rather not see.

They should make it 2D and destroy everyone’s brains in one fell swoop.

Then throw in Axel, Blaze and Adam from Sega’s Streets of Rage…Albatross and Leila from Namco’s Rolling Thunder. And, were set.

this could be interesting

Interesting. This is like going back in late 90s with SNK/CAPCOM game coming to life. If this happens, they should take note from svc/cvs franchises: to balance things out, things are ADDED not subtracted. I.E. in CvS2, for SNK characters, mediums were added, instead of capcom characters losing their normals. In Match of the Millenium, another semi successful game of the series, SNK gave/salvaged specials(or tremendously buffed them) for Capcom characters so that the special attack sides were balanced. It just happens that CvS2 is the biggest game of the snk/capcom crossover. Other games that chopped moves down(CvS1, SvC Chaos) were not as successful.