Tekken Q&A Thread

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get the Black Ki Aura/Custom Rage Colors
To get the rage colors you need to first play Tekken Roulette, then you need to spin the last slot to lucky. This will bring up super roulette, from there you need to spin so that 3 treasure chests are straight across or diagonal. The Black Ki is still unfound as of right now, but it is most likely in SC mode somewhere.

How do I beat Nancy ( that big ass robot in arcade )
Im not going to explain because i think a video will do much better.
This is with Devil Jin which is easy mode
this is what to follow if your anyone else

What is the best way to make money
Scenario mode. You make at least 100k a mission and if your using a character you don’t intend on customizing you can sell the gear you pick up in item drops. Also putting on gear that increases item drops and increases item value really makes this rake in a ton of extra cash.

How do i beat the nightmare train level in scenario mode
I would recommend you stock Alisa and your character with all S or A grade Items. I recommend these skills, Health, Electricity, Fire, Ice, and Attack Up. I handle this mission by taking out the enemies as fast as possible ( thats why these skills help ) you want to stay by Alisa and try to be in the middle of the train, high damage attacks and attacks that knock down on normal hit are recommended. Weather the storm of annoying gargoyles and when Devil Jin shows up take the Gatling gun and blow him off the train.
Video representation for those visual learners

I just made a new character and need good items without getting raped on a level where do i go?
Roger Jr.s stage is perfect for you, even on hard its easy.

How Do I install the data to shorten load times
Go to game options, then additional options and vioula.

Is my character Tournament Viable
Tekken 6 sees almost every character represented in tournament wins and standings, so most likely yes. That being said you might have to be the best player on the planet to make shit work with Zafina.

How do I rank higher than 1st Dan?
Play ranked matches online.

What are the profile ranks?
9th-1st Kyu
1st-4th Dan
Dragon Lord
Tekken Lord
Tekken Emperor
Tekken God

Can Player 2 have customizable outfits?
Unfortunately no

Feel free to ask questions and i will try and answer them and add them to the faq.

How excatly do you break throws?
Watch which hand comes first and then input…
Left hand forward = 1
Right hand forward = 2
Both hands about the same = 1+2

I keep getting my ass kicked how do i improve?
watch these, if your still failing pm me :slight_smile:
[media=youtube]L3DT6-oOZro[/media] (part 1 of 5)
[media=youtube]ZM7Z53XPjV4[/media] (part 2 of 5)
[media=youtube]20MVmELr3Jk[/media] (part 3 of 5)
[media=youtube]glJw_tgX2uY[/media] (part 4 of 5)
[media=youtube]sRwHQ3yERD4[/media] (part 5 of 5)

Why cant I rank past 1st dan in ghost mode or arcade?
to get past 1st dan you need to play online and rank up that way.

How do I use my characters weapons ( Bat Gatling Gun Sledge Hammer)
And once again for you visual learners

How do I take Photos in Game
hit the PS button and go to photos, you should see an option their.

What’s different between the PS3/360 versions to the PSP version?

  • Gold Rush Mode:
    30 second rounds, deal damage to the opponent to earn money, take damage to lose.

  • No rank limit in ghost mode

  • No Team Battle

  • No Replays


ty kind sir

There’s no way to do that as of now, man. I even tried it using my memory unit on another friend’s 360 to see if my friend can use his custom characters from his hard drive and I could load up my custom characters from my memory unit at the same time. I figured it would have worked since that’s how Tekken 5 was with two memory cards. I don’t know if Namco will ever attempt to fix this in the future.

in to give props on a very resourceful thread :tup:

why thank you sir, im trying my best to keep finding stuff to keep updated

What does the ‘Bloodline Rebellion’ refer to?

Is it mostly in respect to Lars?

yah yah I just shot an attempt to answer my own question, but notice the doubt :lol:

Jin’s all like, "Do you love it?"
And Lar is like, “…”

Then Jin goes and kills Azeal which is suppose to kill him as well and the Mishima Bloodline + Devil gene with him. But of course, when Raven said that he’s always right, what he actually meant to say was that he’s always wrong.

or something like that, shrug. I got a cow boy hat

storyline stuff i’ll have to investigate into… im an awful FAQ maker :frowning:

if i could venture a guess it would be in reference to the mishima bloodline and the devil gene. I really dont know though because tekkens storyline has always been so convoluted and strange.

Bloodline Rebellion…

Lars = Mishima blood… who started a rebellion against Jin…

It’s really very literal and little imagination involved.

4r5 is drunk…

…and I feared what I thought was correct has been iterated by XL. :sad:

Tekken storyline is pretty funny actually. Just finished reading up on the details of the 1st Tekken.

If you’re trying to give birth to a healthy baby and want to be REALLY sure that they are healthy, just throw them into a ravine at around age 5 or so…and if they can manage to crawl back up: :tup:

Also, if one of your parents happens to get murdered (God forbid), and you and your sibling(s) are both trained in killing arts, just assume it was them.

how about them combos? T6 combos are sick…

None of you all beat scenario mode?

what do you mean?

I haven’t beaten Scenario Mode entirely, but only a few of the stages here and there. It is 100% completed already, but not by me =P

I have seen the ending where Jin defeats Azazel and has the Devil Gene ‘sapped’ from his body.

You refer to Lars’ ending though…again, which I have not seen.

but there is always YouTube =)

Lars defeats Jin in the final battle. Jin explains how he started the whole Mishima war in order for Azazel to materialize and so that he could destroy Azazel and save the world (turns out Jin was good after all, I guess). Azazel randomly pops out of the ground, Jin runs and Falcon Punches him back inside the whole where he came from and all you see is explosions, possibly indicating the death of both Jin and Azazel. Alisa is brought back to Dr. Boskonovitch’s lab, Lee tells Lars that she’s going to be okay, then Lars hops into his Escalade and drives away. That’s the final CGI.

Watch, in Tekken 7, Lars and Alisa are going to have a child that’s half-Mishima and half-robot. If Alisa had died completely, we might’ve been able to see Devil Lars in the next installment which would have been sick. Just think about it.

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got the same question twice by the way.

How excatly do you break throws?

Left hand forward = 1
Right hand forward = 2
Both hands about the same = 1+2

thanks man, yeah work in progress, ive been super busy trying to find a decent stick for my ps3… im tired of getting my ass kicked in BB on this dumb ass pad.