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Hey all any tutorials or articles on footsies in Tekken?



Tekken 6: Staple Bound Combos
Don’t overthink the combos you do after a bound. Just keep it simple.



Tekken 6: BR - Wall Splats
Wall Splats are important. Psst. Pass it around.



why is Tekken 6 so slow compared to DR? it feels like they pushed the system too hard graphically and the responsiveness suffered, and supposedly they both run at 60fps?


Yeah they both run at 60fps. It’s just that ever since Tekken 3, movement have been consecutively nerfed as the series progresses.


What’s the fastest move in the game?

I’m new to becoming serious with Tekken and I’m having issues with frames. Coming from Street Fighter, I’m used to 3 frame moves being a quick reversal and overall pain in the ass. I’m reading up on Hwoarang and I’m seeing 16-18 frames, so I’m not sure how it fits on the speed scale.

Then I guess another question, what’s a relatively slow move frame-wise?

Tekken gods bless me.


iirc, generic jabs (1,2) are the fastest move in the game and they’re i10 frames.

Hopkicks would be your generic i15 launchers, with 12 frames of recovery on block ( I believe there is the odd exception like Baek’s being -10?)

Something slow would probably be something around 20 or more frames. Things like Devil Jin’s SS+2 or something. :looney:


This is perfect! I’m over here thinking a relative between 10+ frames are kinda slow coming from SFIV. I’ve been trying to learn Hwo’s launcher combos and doing JFSR 100% and I’m getting the hang of things a lot easier than I did for Street Fighter IV (I can’t plink even 60% consistently).

The only thing keeping me from much is that holding the controller ‘tekken claw’ style starts to hurt big time after a while. I’m not even going to consider wavedashing yet, just BDC and side-step cancel for now. But thanks! This definitely cleared up how I should be gauging things for the future!


I am brand spanking new to Tekken6 and I’d like Leo to be my starting main character. I’ve been looking around a lot, and I have not found any video guides for the introduction/style/etc of her. In fact, I am not finding too much for Tekken6 in general. Are they not as big a thing as they are for say, the Street Fighter series, which is inundated with character guide videos?

I am more of a visual learner, so it’d be best if there were video sources outside of just combo ones, though I’ve found great written info to fall back on. Perhaps it may be better to learn the system with one of the characters who got an extensive analysis by Level Up Your Game, and then move onto Leo later?


Hey Sam, I’m new to Tekken on a serious level. I’ve been playing each version minimally and had a very basic grasp on it as with any other 3D FG. As anyone would tell you, Tekken Zaibatsu is your hub for all Tekken. The forums aren’t as prosperous as with here but nearly every thread in the character sub-forums are worth reading. Like here, there’s usually a video section although it wouldn’t be too far from your standard combo vid. I now spent more time there than on here.

The LUYG series is a great start and what I watched over and over before I stumbled on TZ. Sucks they didn’t cover my favorite character but I’ll live.


Just need to know if there were any patches done to Tek 6 that are really important. I dnt have internet and need to know if there are any real important ones I need


Only one patch and that didn’t alter anyone gameplay wise. It was just a patch to help online modes and add in co-op scenario campaign mode. Your game is good to go with or without the patch.


Picking up TTT2 and T6. Is pad or stick preferred?

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Definitely feels great with pad + tekken claw style. I’ve tried with my arcade stick but it’s not going so well.


What does WR2 and DSSf+3 mean when it comes to Law combos in TR?


While Running+ Right Punch and Dragon Sign Stance Foward+ Left Kick


It took 5 years, but @LiangHuBBB finally someone answer your question.

I hope it clears your doubts


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