Tekken question

Well originally I had this post in the Tekken forum, but nobody has replied to it so I’ll just bring in here…

Man I haven’t played Tekken in ages, I think the last Tekken I might have played was 3 on PS1. I really wanna get back into this series again, I dont have the money to buy anything right now but when I do, Tekken will certainly be on the list. I see that T6 BR is pretty popular and that it only came out in 2009, but now they’re making TTT 2 and they said that it will come out after SF x Tekken. So do you guy still think T6 BR will get a lot of play even after TTT 2 comes out or is it smart to just get TTT 2?

my friend still plays heavy doses of T6. I can’t remember if he said that he would/wouldn’t be getting TTT2(not sure what his stance was on TT). He’ll still be playing T6 for awhile…until Tekken X Street Fighter drops!

If you want to get into Tekken, don’t wait. You can get T6 brand new for under $20 online.

No one is going to be playing T6 when TT2 comes out but you wont see the new game for well over a year from now on consoles. When that time comes you won’t be starting from scratch.

Well yeah, I knew that T6 BR will only be like 25 bucks, so I could atleast start getting back into Tekken before TTT2 comes out. I could atleast learn the basics, a year is all I think I would need to learn how to play the game effectively. And again, the cost aint that high, so I will try to get T6 as soon as I can.

Tekken 6 is VASTLY different from Tekken 3 and there’s quite a bit of a learning curve. You have to know about wall-crushes, floor-crushes, bounds, throw positioning, and juggle scaling… Let alone learning the new characters and becoming familiar with their xx-frame punishers.


This is a great video series to get you associated with the new mechanics. Take a look and see if you think it’s for you. But remember: advanced Tekken -play definitely requires more technical knowledge of your opponent characters than in any other fighting game.