Tekken Revolution FAQ


f3 is his knee right? -_- smoked a saviour lars earlier btw, low reversal is a fucking boss :slight_smile:


No, it’s his forward kick. If you look at the list, it’s like “forward kick to sneak” or something.

Here’s a combo for you…
qcb+2, f+4, 4, 3, f+1 >
You can get something off after this… just don’t know what yet.


yea his 3 main launchers qcb2, df2, qcf2 can be used in pretty much the same way for juggles in TR, though ive noticed qcf2 launches a bit higher and ofc more dmg.

currently messing with qcf2, 21, 41, 1, d413 for 9 hits, enhancements off its still only worth 80~ dmg, cant believe how weak that shit is compared to the godlike juggles of ling :frowning:

also worth a note, you can spam db212 twice on a wall splat for some insane damage. Gonna need to find a good video for him though he seems very slow compared to other chars, I hate his new fF3, losts its awesome range.


He’s very technical, but not too difficult from what I’m gathering… I just spent some TTT2 time with him. His combos aren’t that bad.


I don’t know if I would consider qcb+2 as a main launcher, I think it’s at least -15, now maybe running 2 ( counter hit launcher +3 on block I think) that’s probably a more notable and useful launcher


So I finally got Jin… now how should I use this guy?


Hope that people don’t know how to deal with 123 or the mix ups after it, same thing with his other strings and mental alertness, just hope people don’t know how to deal with it, then the rest is just out playing your opponent. Sorry I’m not much of a Jin player I just wrote down what I see online


2,1,4 and 2,1,4~4 mixups are a good foundation to start at as well.


With Xiaoyu i learned pretty much all her moves now…Going to practice just on defense, blocking & low parrying.


Here comes a new challenger…
Kuni and DJin

I’m done with this game…
I need to be done with this… Or this shit will consume me.


Devil Jin? Really? God damnit.

EDIT: Unlocked Kunimitsu as soon as the update came about, since I had over 210000 gift points. I was nervous about that, wasn’t sure if it would have recognized that I reached that point.


oh shit kunimitsu??? been a while xD


more like 21 and 214 to scare people from attacking after your 21s. 2144 is just asking to get parried.


Good to know.
I’d like to learn Jin. Thanks. :slight_smile:

I’ll post up some combos later or something. I’ve been playing with him in training mode.

  • Launch, b3, b3, b3~f, CDS stuff (1,2 works…)
  • EWHF, db2, 2+3. Two crit chances.
    Don’t forget to combo off of his HellSweep too.
    -Hell Sweep b2,1, db2,2,3, as an example. You can do his bf2,3,f~MA thing too, but I’m no Jin pro to know how that works.
  • EWHF, b3, bf2,3f~MA1,2 - though the b3, b3, b3~f CDS1,2 does more I think…
    Wall Carry - EWHF, b3, b3, b3, b2,1


damn tekrev website is all in chinese or some bullshit, wanted to read the char bios :[


Japanese… smh


-dying of laughter-

Anyway, I could be blowing this out of my ass, but I played Jin for about five months in Tag 2. Jin is just a regular guy, so I agree with the notion that you hope that people don’t know how to deal with his stuff. On the other hand, if the person you’re playing doesn’t know what’s going on or how to stop you, then by all means, press those buttons. Jin doesn’t have too much easy mode stuff and is less than average damage, but he mostly plays toward counter hits–his big damage and combos come from these and he has decent ways to bait out moves to interrupt. He has very regular stuff that’s mostly safe, but some of those things are highs, meaning they aren’t that safe.


Jin is this game’s Ryu…
That’s a stretch, but he really is. He’s as good or as bad as the player is. I mean, a bad Hwo can still get random rounds from mashing once in a while. Jack is the scrub killer. Jin… is just, really bad, or really good. He’s a solid mid-low to mid-high character, and fluctuates the tiers depending on who’s using him.
Ryu’s the same way… They’re very different characters though. I didn’t mean their archetype is the same.

BTW, babbling out of my ass right now.


Last time I used Devil Jin was back in T3 or TTT when normal jin entered devil mode with a command input, are the two characters now different or something? This seems like a waste of a character slot…


they are definitely 2 different characters