Tekken Revolution FAQ


brilliant stuff, especially love the combo which starts at 1:25 that’s gotta be a bitch to see coming. I remember this guy from t5 years ago, nice to know hes got a channel so you can get a preview of how hes gonna stomp your ass out.


Mixah you infected me with both your autopilot mode and saltiness. Went on a 10 loss streak on ranked and demoted up the ass. They need to remove fucking invurnable moves from this game. Walking into that spam like they are brothels ffS.


When are you usually getting tagged by super arts? Are your opponents hitting you with it like it’s a reversal?

I normally don’t have the problem of getting hit with reversal in TR because I find it’s generally not worth it to really be up someone’s ass on wakeup with the characters I play, at least. Maybe other characters can benefit from that tactic, I’m sure, but TR just drives the point home to me that if I knock someone down, I should just keep my distance and react.


I just find myself getting hit like this…

"OK, here comes an invincible…"
"Fuck it, d/f+1"


This is why I like to just chill in the back and BDC like I have Tourette’s; there are too many layers and options to be reliant on yomi for the breed of nuts you find online.


Though that autopilot is killer to me.


Yannick just in general, for instance I fought a lilli that used a SA to defeat my offence, so I chill and get my reaction and probe game working, same shit happens. Db3 from drag will get defeat by Lili SA, yet dragunovs SA will be defeated by general sweeps. Bullshit. Anyhoos I chilled out. Just wanted to get my hattred of SA off my chest. Oh and the imputs to use them are too fucking easy. Ok am done.,


I still am not sure on how to play Jin, and what’s worse is that practicing with him is messing with my Kazuya game, so now I’m getting worse with him too.

Oh, and I’m still extremely awful at fighting all Lilis ever no matter what, but that’s not news.


Lili… Just side step.

As for Jin, you have to play counter games. His parry is probably one of the sickest things in the game.

Also, I forget what move, maybe 4? It’s the fastest homing move in the game.


So I get accused of spamming with Paul, against a Law player who opened the round with a 10 hit string. Then proceeded to end it with an unblockable. He beats me and sends me hate mail for using deathfist as a punisher for everything he did that was unsafe. And he is still sending me mail. I tell him the frame data, defensive vs offensive, and just nothing gets through. The fact I brought up frame data he is like oh, but that doesn’t count for times per second. The fuck is he talking about. Then I lose to three back to back sweepkicks, yet I doubt he counts that as spamming.

Isn’t there a scrubquotes thread? I might just post the whole thing.


lulz, i dont get the whole hate mail thing, i remember getting a shit ton of it from a guy caused i just used throws… mofo press 1 or 2 and fo pls.


I fought this dude that was spamming invincibles.
Round 1:
Block, 50% combo, block, 50% combo.
Round 2:
Block, 50% combo, block, throw… block, combo…
Round 3:
Block, jab… Block, jab… block, backflip… he dashes up… block, backflipx2… he stands there…

RQ’s and sends me hate mail, telling me all I do is block.


Hatemail is still a nebulous phenomenon to me.

I don’t know if it’s just the curmudgeon in me, but you have to be on some other shit to actual send someone hatemail when you lose, but you must REALLY be trippin to send hatemail when you win. I will never understand it; if you want to be mad because of the last match, then fine, but what could persuade someone to sit their and type out their frustration like it’s going to do anything?

Kids these days, LOL.


I like taunting non skilled players when i win…Usually w/ Do you like my dance moves?

If they have a promotion coming up, “No promotion for you”

I haven’t played TR since Dragon Crown came out…Im about to have a gathering in my place this Friday.

Which is the closest to Tekken Revolution? Tekken6 or TTT2 single player vs single player?


LOL, T5DR is the closest.
no Bound = no 6/TTT2


Yeah but Xiao plays different in T5


Well, for her specifically… I can tell you her “awesome” TR combos don’t work in Tag…
But that’s all. :frowning: IDK if they work in 6.


dragunov plays different as well, thought i woulda noticed after 200 matches using the sob but nope, it was on a recent t5 stint to get my lee fix. he seems like hes gotten weaker actually hmm -_-


I think I’m going to take a break for a while. Just lost 6 matches in a row.


I am on a self imposed sabatical from Tekken for the same reason, just getting stomped to the point where the hunger to play Tekken has been satiated in the most awful way. Hit me up on PSN if your up for some games though Zeb I dont mind losing to you as I do to these assholes that db3+4 all day with Alisa lol.