Tekken Revolution FAQ


I’m REALLY enjoying Revolution so far. I’ve done nothing but run with King online so far, and have fought a good mix of Laws, Kazuyas, Lilis and Lars…s. I’ve enjoyed it so much that I’ll probably get TT2 at some point in the near future, as opposed to spending money on Hwoarang, Jin and Bryan in Revolution.


Having a lot of fun with TR. It’s like a carnival sideshow version of Tekken, with that great text chat system. Trash players, trash talk, those trash invincible special arts… loving it. Revolution has me playing lots of Tag 2 now as well

I main Jack and troll people with db+1 dick punches and db,f 1+2 piledriver tick throws


Good jack players usually clean lobby’s out lol, I need to get more involved, the game hit 5m downloads and are launching another event to celebrate.


Finally got Savior, spamming laws n lars be damned! xD


Genbu! doesnt have the same nice ring to it but feck it, also dismayed about the rise of 200 str king scrubs comming out of the woodwork -_-


Lee and Christie confirmed as the new characters XD Let me hear a Fuck Yea! for Lee, now all you sorry lame as law/lar scrubbers are gonna die.

Also we getting a new Moku event, just when you get steady at this game they bring out the awesome :]

Hmmm actually dunno how I feel about a damn capo in tekrev but Lee, oh hell yea.


Yeah Law players, make way for all the Christie players.


Get back into the game man am too rusty against kaz these days


You’ll have to hold the fort for a while longer, I have a lot on my plate in terms of games I need to catch up with. Once I get to the PS3 games on my backlog I’ll get back into the game, but just know that I have 3 3DS games I have to finish and they are all RPGs.


So unlocked Lee the other day thanks to the moku event, and wtf… WTF!

Hes been givin a few punches in exchange of getting nerfed to shit. He plays like nearly a totally differently character than I remember. Fuck Tekrev! Been waiting since release for him to be playable and then this bullshit happens.


Uhhh… Lee plays just like Lee has always played… What exacly was nerfed that kills how he’s played?


he seems slower, his standing 3 has changed, his u/f 3+4 / f3+4 are changed. Am not even halfway through checking out his new movelist and am crying like a bitch over it.

I shall adapt but am not happy.


Uhhhh… He still plays exactly the same. df1 all day… 124 hella good i10 punish/hit confirm. d3 still a great low. Honestly he should be played exactly like ttt2. Maybe a lil more wr43 but whatever




So that’s Eliza. Lot’s of KOF-like tendencies.
She’s apparently been hanging around Geese, Terry, and Iori…


Not impressed, would rather have the salmon character.


My battle buddy… Ocelotlikespie posted a game play tutorial on Eliza.


So anyone still plays this game?

I’m playing Kunimitsu right now, but for some reason her d/f+2 whiff on King and Armor King after d/f+3,2.


I don’t know about ya’ll but Jaycee for Valentine’s Day IS a rather neat gift…
(I don’t favor eventscrubs that much but here is the recent news).

Now I have another good reason to play TR now! XD


Just got back into this… any SRK dudes still playing this shit?