Tekken Revolution (OUT ON PSN)


You’ve more than likely done them while playing. I know I’ve done a few.

From another site: The game features two styles of special attacks for each character, Critical Arts and Special Arts. Each fighter has four Critical Arts, which give you the chance to do increased damage on on critical hits. Combatants also have one Special Arts, which gives them a period of invincibility at the start of the move. You’ll recognize Critical Arts and Special Arts by the particle and motion blur effects.


Unlocked Leo after like 3 victories. Also, some moves got changed. Lili’s slow windup backhand (<- + both punches) is now a FAST sliding strike, but with the same animation.


Played it for two matches then turned it off to come find out more about it. Outside of bounds, my character felt the same as her TTT2 version (not sure if they added any more moves), but I figure it’s gonna have to be a bit different to optimize damage without relying on bound or tag combos now (I didn’t put as much time into Tekken before T6 so I’m not used to it yet). I couldn’t really read the text explaining what this games features are since I’m over someone else’s house with a SDTV. Are we supposed to like level up stats or something?

I probably won’t sit down with this until I get back home.


No training or offline versus is extremely disappointing.


i’m not a current tekken fan, but this seems pretty much the same as ttt2 but without bound in juggles. bound can still happen after floor breaks and when some moves outside of juggles (kazuya ff+3 when critical). special arts seem at least jab punishable. apparently the backward walking animations are new but i can’t remember what they were like before anyway.

points system is weird. played one other dude and he did more damage than me, and his wgfs or ewgfs were critical when mine weren’t because of the vigor point difference.


Dang that’s a bummer, I expect SF/SNK style super moves. O well, sure the game is nice tho

And it’s cool you can unlock characters. I wonder how many they’ll let you unlock?


I really think this should of been a PC game. It would of reached out to a much bigger audience.


How do you unlock characters in this?
Also, is anyone else having trouble getting a match online? I’ve been trying for the past ten minutes but it keeps booting me back to the search menu.
Also when I back out from a the menu it always fails to upload the data, kicking me back to the title screen.
Arcade mode works though, so I still got that, but I still can’t get online matches.


Yeah, that would be awesome: people hacking and running around with maxed-out characters. PSN: keeping people honest.


1: play other players, win

2 + 3: Your connection is borked. Might wanna try to fix that.


I’m not sure if there is a clear way to unlock specific characters. Played arcade, some online, leveled up and I unlocked Steve.
I got the “failed to upload” message and somehow got disconnected too. Had to restart my ps3 to get it going again.
Gonna jump back on once my credits return.


I cant find any resources for King can anybody recommend a couple of places to look for info?
should I look for the BnBs of TTT2. I thought all BnBs in TTT2 used bounds, and thats why I didnt bother looking for it.


I really like the artstyle in the game, has a Borderlands look to it. Which is no doubt them trying out new graphical filters in preperation for TxSF. Game seems to cater more to casuals as well. Seems to be deliberate on Namco’s part.

With that said, if you already have Tekken Tag 2, this game won’t hold your attention too long.


I wouldn’t say that: new moves, changed moves, new combos…more than enough to keep interest.


TR is definitely NOT just TTT2 w/o B!.

Besides the obvious new stuff like critical and Invincible moves (which are all launch punishable on block). They’ve made everything easier. The throw break window seems like it’s substantially larger than what it was in TTT2. Moves like Paul’s Demo man and ff2:1 have been made easier to the point to where they can’t even be called just frames (dunno about other JFs like Bryan’s Taunt, JU). Backroll catches/floats have been removed completely. Backdash cancelling seems to have gotten nerfed as it doesn’t cover as much distance (this could be just me though). There’s also been some balance changes




Asuka is so fucking gay. Her counter has the longest attack window I’ve seen in a fighting game since Dead or Alive 2. You don’t even need proper timing for it to be effective. Managed to shit out scrubs using Leo after I figured out Asuka’s bullshit


Moving to the Tekken forum…


I haven’t touched Tekken since the PSone days (totally dating myself here), but I have to say this is a lot of fun to get into. I came to it since I play Lars in sfxt, so I figured why not try him out for free. I don’t have TTT2 yet, but I think I’ll pick it up at some point since it’s pretty cheap now. Though one thing I will say that TR has that I think is an improvement is the lack of bound. Watching TTT2, I can see that it leads to ridiculous combos at times. TR tones that down a bit and makes you earn that damage. I like that touch.


The coin system is kinda annoying.
I wish you could just buy the game once and never pay again because TR is actually a pretty fun & GG.