Tekken Revolution Tiers


I know it’s early but are there any basic ideas yet? Can’t find anything.


None. The game JUST came out, and there hasn’t been a single public tournament for the game to showcase who the strongest characters are atm.


Well, as a newcomer to the series I thought there may be common sense rankings, like if Street Fighter 5 came out just days ago, with Dan that we could conclude that he’s low-tier rather quickly. Didn’t want anything official obviously, just gut instinct, first impressions, and possible common sense entries, like my example.


Whichever character has the highest attack power.

Asuka sucks. I can tell you that much.


Marshall Law top tier?


Law does seem to be near the top, IMHO.


There’s no offline versus…


Based on what I’ve seen online so far…


Fixed. Lili’s sorta in-between .

I really hope the little artwork pieces when you complete the game are hints to future characters, like Ling and Panda. As a Ling player… :wink:


I just want Yoshimitsu.

Kaz feels strong, as does Law and Lars so sounds about right.


^ Yeah, I like Yoshimitsu too. He’s been in most Tekken games so I can’t see him being left out…


I just miss Michelle…




Paul is sad tier because I can’t just phoenix smasher ad infinitum cuz i out here gettin stuffed ALL DAY


How do you burning fist with Paul? I spammed the fuck out of that move in tekken 3.


Like QCF+2 roughly. It’s really bad in Tekken R, never seen it this off before. I’d have to actually learn Paul combos if I picked him up.

Naturally that won’t happen.


Based on what I’ve seen / done (I haven’t used Jin yet, as I’ve not unlocked him, but I’ve fought a few), I updated my tiers.
Law still has a ridiculous invincible attack, and Kaz has all of his Mishima bullshit + a decent invincible. Jin can crit his EWGF… 3x, you lost 100+ points… cray
I dropped Lars a bit, because with only one way to activate bound, his shit is trash, but his entry stances and his invincible are great still.
Ling… well… Has a shitty invincible, and her normally limited damage is even more severely limited. Plus, her range is doo doo.
That said, I’m playing as her, and a lot of people have no idea how to fight against her and I’m winning on dumb fuckerry.


^ I definitely agree with the Lars drop. I don’t know anything about Ling so no opinion there.


S+: Kaz
A+: Paul, Lars, Jin
Leo is somewhere around here…
A: Bryan, Steve, Jack
B: Asuka, Lili, King, Law
C: Alisa, Ling

New list.

Paul, Lars, Jin have great criticals that can be comboed into. Lars still has the f,b+2,1 causing bound, and he has all of his tracking priority from T6. Jin has f,f+2 and EWHF criticles. Paul just needs to play smart, and you can deal a fuckton of damage.

Steve has crappy criticles and a good invincible - just like Jack.

King and Asuka have crappy invincibles. She might be A-tier though…

Law has crappy crits and his invincible is the worst when compared to the other swaying ones… except King’s…

King has decent air throw damage and has some useless crap. His d+1+2 not being a luancher makes him really bad.

Alisa has crappy criticals… That’s all.


Also, shouldn’t this thread be in the TTT2 forums, and not the newbie dojo?


^ Huh, didn’t even notice it was in the wrong place. Hopefully a mod can fix that.

As for the tiers, I don’t know about dropping Law so much…

I heard there is going to be a vampire girl added. I hope she has an attack that drains life! (I probably won’t be saying that if it happens and I fight someone good lol).