Tekken Sticks

Hey guys, I have a customer that wants a custom tekken stick and i dont really play it and i assumed from the few times i played in the arcade that their machines used Sanwa Parts (felt like a JLW) but he was telling me that korean parts are what they use and to my knowledge most korean parts are low quality clones, anyone who knows their way arround tekken that can tell me whats what? Thanks in advance!


Tekken cabs come stock with Sanwa JLF like in a HRAP and Sanwa buttons. Maybe in Korea it uses Korean parts so you would be looking for a Myoungshin Fanta stick and Crown buttons. A couple guys on the forum are selling some Korean stuff, look for EJM and xqoole.

i would go with sanwa OBSF-30 and OBSF-24 for the buttons and JLF-TP-8T for the stick, thats what I use in my tekken cab.

he’s just a homo that heard koreans are the best at tekken so he assumes the sticks are korean parts

I’m sure people wanting Korean parts for Tekken stems from Koreans being best at the game but from my personal experience if you are a Mishima player the Fanta sticks are much better than Sanwa or Happ for wavedashing and godfists.

Thats what i figured they were, just wanted to make sure since i have very little experience with tekken, thanks a bunch.

I’ve seen some tekken knock-off sticks which don’t have “Hori” written on them, but “Korea” instead… maybe that’s the reason your friend said that

I play Tekken. The JLF is the standard stick for Tekken cabs in Japan. It’s what I use. But, the Korean Myoungshin Fanta stick as tl613 says is better for Mishima players when it comes to movements such as wavedashing (buffered repeating dragon punch motion). That’s probably why he’s interested in a Fanta stick. There’s a few people who sell the sticks here on this forum. It’s a leaf switch type stick. For a Mishima player a Fanta stick and Sanwa buttons would be ideal. Though the JLF would be perfectly fine.