Tekken Tag 2 4-Player Gameplay?

There’s no real forum for Tekken Tag 2 yet so didn’t quite know where to post this question:
Will Tekken Tag 2 return the 4-player gameplay that was in TTT? I haven’t read any updates including this but I’m hoping/assuming that when (and if) TTT2 hits consoles stateside it will. Does anybody know anything regarding this part of TTT2 gameplay?

You mean pair play? Well Harada did post this up… :wink:

Would be good for shizz and giggles, but I don’t see something like this being used for competitive tournament play.

I wouldn’t say no it would be a lot more fun to play with friends.

well thats shit then and makes the tag seem more like a gimmick

wow disappointment

Side tournaments for Tag 2 Team Bowling. Make it happen Harada. Light my fire.

I’m so down for this,

Holy hell this is the most hilarious thing I’ve read today. :rofl:

Tag is far from a gimmick when it’s one guy expertly controlling 2 characters to their fullest.

My viewpoint on it - You’re going to have to train with the same person you play with to make this worth your time. Why? How do you know you’re not playing with an ass who will never tag you in, or tag you when you’re not ready? gtfo.

… I don’t think you know what he is asking here. Pair play is confirmed whether you want to play it is up to you, of course tourneys won’t use it over normal 1 on 1 play.

I know, and that’s what I’m commenting on.
The FGC has been really stupid lately, and I do mean the last 3-4 years. I wouldn’t be surprised if a TTT2 Team Tournie appeared in Evo at some point… and I think that’s dumb.

Thanks for that. I’m looking forward to it. I don’t see why this couldn’t be seen in a competitive light by some. It’s no different from team tournies of fps’s.

Oh so who hit ‘no’ for pair play mode? :xeye:

Anyways let them have their side tourney, you might think its stupid but hey they might find it fun. :wink:

I guess…

I hit “no”… but I don’t even remember doing that… I normally don’t partake in SRK polls, quite honestly.

what’s hilarious is while you’re laughing in a calcified computer game sense im laughing at you in an anthroposophical sense

the industrial revolution has really fucked up societies psychological flexibility :shake:

DEV- sorry but if you think tag changes the neurological dynamics as much as your statement sounds like then you are gravely mistaken, it’s way more harder and beautiful to play tennis with a team member.

tekken tag 2 could revolutionize how we percieve professional video games but instead it seems people are too egotistical to grow

Where did all this come from. I’m just saying that part of the appeal of a tag system was the ability to control more than one character in a one on one fighting games.


Loving the vocabulary shift. Really adds to the touch that you are really lost here.

holy hell devoted… Is that you? :blush:

oh what because I can speak on different wave lengths I’m lost? you idiot.

and a spell using the word devoted? :rofl: lost isn’t the word for you, if your parents werent devoted you wouldn’t be fed and clothed you imbecile, and if you’re going to say “it’s just a game” then you are looking at (and perpetuating) that all video games are and should be used as the equivalent of sweets or cigerettes. in that case you are a waste of space

Now now simmer down, I meant devoted as in someone who had that nick on a different forum who you reminded me of.

Anyways why are you even discussing whether a game has tag team gameplay here? OP was asking If a really fun gameplay mode in TTT is going to be back in TTT2.

I don’t understand what the major confusion is around here. :wonder: