TEKKEN TAG TOURNAMENT 2 Arcade FightStick TE S+ from Mad Catz & Namco Bandai


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TEKKEN TAG TOURNAMENT 2 Arcade FightStick TE S+ from Mad Catz & Namco Bandai

During PAX Prime this past weekend, our latest FightStick was revealed: the TEKKEN TAG TOURNAMENT 2 Arcade FightStick TE S+! Developed with community feedback in mind, the FightStick TE S+ has a number of special features that set it apart from the rest:


Extra Top Panel with Original TEKKEN Artwork


The Arcade FightStick Tournament Edition S+ comes with an additional top panel which displays an exclusive ‘Femme Fatale’ design, provided by the game’s development team. When you’re ready to give your controller a new complexion, simply use the included hex tool to remove the screws and tag-in a new partner.

Translucent Side Casing
Translucent casing on the side panels provides a glimpse into the controller’s inner workings; peer inside to get an idea of what makes your FightStick operate.

Heavy Metal Base with Durable Foam Padding
All-new to the S+ edition Arcade FightStick, non-slip foam padding coincides with where the controller rests on your legs during lap-mounted gameplay.


When a match’s intensity increases and one final hit determines the victor, the last thing you want to worry about is an uncomfortable gaming weapon.

This is no cheap plastic toy; the durable metal base increases the FightStick’s weight for a solid, secure feel when draining your foe’s life bar. Easily unscrew the rubber feet to securely mount the FightStick to a table or other solid surface.

For more information and to pre-order the TEKKEN TAG TOURNAMENT 2 Arcade FightStick TE S+, click here.

You can also check the footage from our TwitchTV announcement at PAX below!

If there are any questions on this product, please post here in this thread. Thanks!

Madcatz TTT2 TE-s+ now available for pre-order

Is the size of the stick comparable to the sc5 stick? bigger or smaller?


Here are some additional images of the TTT2 TE S+ from PAX weekend:





Here are some links from this past weekend’s announcement:



It’s the same size.


Remember the old Street Fighter IV Femme Fatale TE?



Love what you guys did with the PS3 version. Inspired by the old Namco stick?


Are there going to be more art panels for the top released from madcatz over time? Or was this so people could do it themselves easier?

And does it ship with just that 1 you’ve shown so far?


Yes. It should be noted that the PS1 Namco Arcade Stick is one of my favorite sticks of all time <3 !

There is a good chance we’ll do more. It ships with the “Femme Fatale” art as well, yes.


Any chance the metal panels will be available for sale for those of us with TE’s who’d prefer the noir layout?


^ +1 on that one. But then again from a business point of view, its a reason to buy the stick. If they do sell panels itd be way down the line… I did however, buy a Soul Edition for the Noir layout. Its perfect for hands my size.


No plans for the metal panels at this time. However I know that blklightning21 sells them.


Very nice. I’m looking forward to modding a few of these with Green and Blue LEDs in the inside due to the semi transparent sides.
When’s Madcatz gonna come out with an all clear transparent case?


Just placed my order. Any idea when these are going out?


any timeframe for release? I’m assuming around the same time as the game or shortly after.


Love it, love the fact that both versions get something different like the PS3 gets the Namco stick treament colors while the 360 gets a new color for the side. The tradition layout found on Sega cabs used to be my favorite but eversince I got my Fighting Edge and SOUL Edition, the Namco layout is becoming my preferred layout out of the popular Japanese layouts.

Aside from different color bezels being sold on the Gameshark store, any chance of the colored translucent sides being sold? I like the smoke colored case with green sides. If Canada ever gets a tourney promo, I’ll be looking into one for sure!


We’re aiming for end of October/early November. Please stay tuned for updates. It’s going to tie in to some TEKKEN related stuff.

The closest thing is the EVO FightStick.


Is that the noir layout? Nice! 6 buttons is the only obstacle from perfection now!


Yes. Noir!


Waiting for the Wii U to launch?


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