Tekken Tag Tournament 2 "Bound" physics


Um, what’s going on here? I heard from a lot of people that “OH thank god they got rid of Tekken 6-style bound, and now the enemy is just slammed to the ground so hard they pop back into the air!”…but I’m seeing that AND Tekken 6-style bound (head and shoulders on ground, rest of body bounces into the air after downward impact). Has anyone here had enough of a hands-on to elaborate the differences in combo possibilities between bound and bounce? And is it possible to do BOTH types in one combo?


Didn’t know there was a “bounce” and a “bound”.
But thinking back when we played it, if you did your global bound tag combo, they would bounce higher than usual.

But overall, no, you could only bounce/bound once per combo.
Unless they changed that in Ultimate than… whoa…


Lol The “bounce” is the Tag Assault. It replaces the bound for a tag combo. I’m just here for the complaints about bound now.


Summoning an “assist” during juggles gives the opponent 1 free netsu. That’s the price you pay for it.


Regular bound and tag assault bound are different things, they are both in the game. Regular bounds, eg. Tekken 6 style, happens if you bound during a juggle normally without pressing 5 for a tag assault. A tag assault happens if you press 5 during your bound move and then you get a different and much larger bound. However the game still has a 1 bound per combo only limit, so you can’t combine both of these.

Actually, what it does it takes away all of the red life of the character you tag in during tag assault, it can be a large price to pay to extending your combo and/or doing more damage depending on the situation. You sort of have to weigh the risk and reward of tag assault, although korean players don’t seem to care too much about it, even if their other character is almost dead. Most of the times the reward outweights the risk easily since if you’re good at the game, you’ll be tagging characters out to recover frequently anyway.


It gives your opponent netsu and takes away red life.