Tekken Tag Tournament 2 joystick announced



Announced so far for the PS3… Case design not pictured yet.

The game’s being released on both platforms (PS3 and 360) so I would imagine a 360 joystick is very possible, too, although I didn’t find an announcement or listing for it yet…

Release date is set for mid-September in Japan at least.

Sorry if this has been posted in Tech Talk already but I didn’t see the announcement where I’ve checked.
Just got the notice from Play-Asia today.


It’s the same as the SCV one.


Looks neat. Hell I might not even replace the art if I get that. Any info if the parts are Sanwa or Hayabusa/Kuro?


That looks slick. The case is kinda odd though.

Hori Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Stick

Odd? It’s the same case Hori already used for SC V and Gundam: Extreme Vs.

Nothing new – it’s just one of their two main production pro-level cases.
Arguably one of the prettier new joystick cases in production right now. I think it’s in many ways a marked improvement on the HRAP V3/VX.

This case and the Mad Catz FightStick V.S. I think are the two best of the year… I’m waiting to see what more people think of the Fighting Edge before I make up my mind on that one…


The Gundam Extreme V.S. stick does not have USB ports, however.


So what’s the USB ports for? Anything you want from USB storage to charging a smartphone to daisy chaining your controllers like it’s a 3DO?


The USB ports are specifically for a keyboard and chat headset. Although they can power other things.


That’s even better than I mentioned.

But I still like the idea of daisy chaining sticks together like a 3DO. I keeps it old-school. :wink:


I am in love with the SCV stick, good to see Hori continuing to use this design, I like it alot. That super secret start button trap door is just too good.


Looks damn good.