Tekken Tag Tournament 2 or Tekken 6?

Just 2 quick questions really; Will the release of TTT2 mean the end of Tekken 6 or will people play both? And does anyone know if 4 people will be able to go online together on TTT2, each controlling 1 character? Sorry if this is in the wrong place in advance.

Dude the game was only announced for ARCADE at summer 2011. No plans for console ATM.
So just sit and wait.

It will probably replace T6, if not definitely.
Online is too far away to tell.
listen to tataki

people usually move on to the new tekken, but ttt2 is to far right now

I doubt it’ll replace Tekken 6, they aren’t exactly the same game. One is more team and the other is one on one.

I know Namco thinks they can still make the normal amount of bank but

1: every time a new game comes out for arcades, the price based on the previous installment seems to double

2: the economy worldwide ain’t that hot, so we’re looking at fewer cab purchases

I hope they don’t scrap plans for a home version, saying that the revenue they generated on the arcade release indicated people had no interest in ttt2. For those of us in places where we have to travel 3 or more hours to find something in arcades that came out after Tekken 5, this is very puzzling and frustrating. The long wait with only video footage to tide us over.

lol They will release it for consoles. They really don’t need American cash for arcade cabinets because most arcades are in Eastern Asia (and its still popular) so they’ll get their cash. The thing that’s good about arcade releases is that they are like a huge beta test for the consoles. I think that’s why Soul Calibur 3/4 had all of those bugs and stuff is because they did not get proper arcade releases.

You have at least 6 months before ANY of these questions will matter.