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Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Video Review
[FONT=Tahoma]Here is my review and evaluation of the sequel to the Legendary Tekken Tag Tournament[/FONT]


Fighting game players somehow managed to grasp that those “reviews”, you know, the type IGN (used as an example for those mainstream sites) does for fighting games right when they launch, are only good as “feature presentations”.
If you want a “review” to be of actual value, it must be done by dedicated players of the genre (not “journalists”) and cannot be done right as the game is released. If it only takes you a few days to fully understand a game, then either it’s a shit game, or your review is shit.
It seems like you want to do the IGN thing, and at that you have succeeded IMO. You can go work there as far as I’m concerned. But I also never listen to them exactly because they are not experts at anything, and their reviews never offer deep insight.


Man I think you engaged more into my score than the actual review itself. Oh and i’m no journalist either, the reason I started reviewing was for a better alternative from the likes of IGN & Gametrailers and such. I received my reviewers copy of this game last Thursday and have been non-stop at it since. On top of that, this is Tekken, I understand this entire series more than most. So if your argument is over when I released it, then so be it. I’ve evaluated every aspect of this game and the thing is you might not want to believe me because it’s all positive. I do agree that IGN has ruined reviewing for Fighting Games, and pretty much all games for that matter, which is really what may have caused you to write this comment since you pretty much center it around “mainstream sites” (IGN) and me trying to be like them. Thing is, IGN has that reputation, not me. THEY are the ones who have made reviews seem unbelievable, especially in the fighting genre by giving a high score and in the long run the game is poop. Look at SFxT for example, it was fun at first but now? So when you see a fighting game that someone else has reviewed other than IGN get a huge score, you accuse them of trying to be like IGN, which is completely untrue. Also, you saying “If it only takes you a few days to fully understand a game, then either it’s a shit game, or your review is shit” is a pretty ignorant statement This is a game that is apart of traditional fighting series, just with big improvements, not a complete change of the game. It takes all we’ve hated in T4-T6 and nearly perfected it while adding new innovative features. If this was a completely brand new game, with no history, then yes, that statement makes perfect sense. The bottom line i’m trying to get at is that it’s always up to the consumer on weather they want to feed into a review or not cause they are the ones paying for it. Take my reviews as advice my friend not as a “YOU HAVE TO BUY THIS OR YOU SHOULD"NT LIVE ANY LONGER” type of deal. lol I just want people to understand that. I’m sorry that you couldn’t but maybe just perhaps you just have to experience the game yourself which is what it will always boil down to anyway. Oh and sorry for the extremely long reply too man. lol



I don’t know if I should take your advice…if you can’t get the concept of paragraphs and spacing.

And grammar too…


Thank you oh wise Prince of Masturbation who lectures about grammar but starts a sentence off with “And”.


And another reason companies look at gamers like sheep.


Very nice review! Thanks! :smiley:


Not a bad review. A little too much fanboyism, but that’s alright.


I’m disappointed that this game’s Practice Mode doesn’t have an option to go through a command list automatically. It also doesn’t notify you that you’re doing the move that’s prompted on the screen correctly.

Having to manually go to the next move by pressing select + R1 is not really ideal if you’re playing this game with a stick. And with me being somewhat of a noob in this game and Tekken in general, the lack of being able to run through a character’s command list quickly quite frankly sucks to me.


There’s technically nothing ‘wrong’ with not using paragraphs in terms of grammar, but its a fucking eyesore and no one’s going to waste their time reading that shit.


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