Tekken Tag Tournament 2

From Harada’s twitter.

Probably the same thing he’s announcing at SBO.

Trailer c/o Kotaku.


oh snaps.can’t wait to play this game drunk.

lol it’s a tekken invasion. scrubs are gonna get pwned for fray.

Hopefully they make fights to the finish and get rid of that dumb “one defeat, the whole team loses” shit.

Good thing that I recently started learning a new character.

Good, it’s time for Tekken’s roided-up storyline to take a break. By Tekken 8 everyone’s gonna use ICBMs like baseball bats.

I knew this was coming! Looking forward to this (and I’m not normally a Tekken fan). Can’t wait to use a Feng/Ling team!

Uber excited for it as I actually play Tekken and SF.

It’s about damn time! Can’t wait.

Oh man! While I would guess they would have just made a Tag option for T6, this leads me to think there will be a lot of things added to warrant it being a separate new game.


So the tag animation will look like that if they are near by the wall?


This was put on Harada’s twitter, itself, no less! :lol:

Any way, TAG was the last Tekken game I played seriously, so I’m definitely looking forward to this.

What happened to T7 and what’s with the dark silhouette like we don’t know that’s Heihachi?

Wow, I certainly didn’t expect this of Namco, especially with their involvement in Tekken x Street Fighter and Tekken 7, as well as rumblings of Soul Calibur 5.

I hope this is like the previous TT - a dream match with previous characters in. I wanna use mah Kunimitsu again, dang it! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: And will they be choosing characters from different eras? If so, please put in T5DR Lei just for me… XD

2011/2012 is going to be a busy time for fighting games methinks… ^_^;;;


i hope they dont

I disagree. I’d rather play tekken tag rather than tekken with 2 characters.


Finally…a good tekken game.