Tekken The New King Of Fighters?


So everybody knows that SF AE is still going to headline Evo, mainly because of Daigo and his League of Extraordinary top fighters across the world, Ultimate Marvel 3, and maybe SF X Tekken if there’s still some interest in the game, but of course people will watch to see if top players can bring more out that game for some to jump back in it, I’ll watch but I still can’t get excited anymore because how it flopped with problems, and the blunt of mistakes that caused Capcom to make changes in personnel but there’s room for improvement (i guess). But Tekken Tag 2 seems to get much hype do to the trailers and game play from Tekken Busters posted by SRK, and many in the FGC seems to give it much love way more than SF X Tekken, Soul Calibur and Dead or Alive 5 (not out but I don’t hear much rave) Namco has yet to come out with they’re own version of Tekken X SF, which I highly doubt they’ll make the same mistakes, and less people getting fired. Could this be Tekken’s era of fighting games that can possibly overshadow Capcom? Which means that some who deem Tekken hard to play or don’t understand the mechanics may make a drastic shift to it after EVO, not saying that nobody will play any Capcom games just saying Tekken alone may blow up Capcom for a couple of years.


As if Namco even care at this point, the amount of revenue generated by Tekken eclipses any other VS Fighting game afaik.

Tekken will never be as popular (much as I would love to see that change) globally in tournaments because there is much more going on, there are way more things you need to know about as a viewer in order to understand what is happening on screen. Exactly the same as Virtua Fighter. I rate both games way beyond anything Capcom have put out in recent memory in terms of being rewarding to play, but they are simply not as easy to follow when you’re watching if you don’t play the games.

E.g. I don’t play UMvC3, but I can get hype as hell watching a match. I have friends who play SF/Marvel/SFxTek who don’t play Tekken and they are just bored by what they see because they have no comprehension of the importance of movement (omg why is he just twitching around spamming down/back), a great read by someone who correctly predicts their opponents wakeup option (OMG you can just keep hitting someone even while they’re trying to stand up, that so broken/cheap/unfair), or even something like a clutch left/right/special throwbreak in the dying seconds of a match (I don’t get it, he just teched a throw, so what?).

It is the simplicity and straight-forwardness of the above (that’s not a criticism!) and other mechanics in many Capcom fighters that make the game easier to understand and watch for the relatively uninitiated than pretty much all 3D Vs. Fighters.


You make great points. But I just think Namco cares in a business since where they will dominate sales when Tekken Tag 2 is released it’s just looks great as far as music stages, and characters alike, it’s going to be like a breathe of fresh air because it’s something new and most are worn out of blasting SF X Tekken all day, and maybe getting bored of SF AE with Option Selects, Down Back Characters, Jab Pressures and Come Back Mechanics, not to mention people are still playing Tekken 6 to get warmed up for Tekken Tag 2, I’m one of those people whose picked it up again after not playing for a year and let me say this it’s an eye opener just learning the functions, mechanics, parrying, and combos over again is making the game fun (maybe because it’s been a year), I look at Tekken as real fighting game in a since where you don’t have to be frantic a every second of the second, it’s more about executions, and I just think that’s what FGC is looking for now since Capcom is taking a downhill in 2012, I smell a stellar year for Namco.[media=youtube]ASL12JYddf0[/media]


His point only makes sense in America, and most of Europe, Tekken is more popular than SF or Marvel everywhere else.


Is it? I wish it was, I’ve been deciding forever if I should buy 6 online or just wait for TTT2. Nobody talks about anything except AE 2012.


I mean if you wanna get good, go ahead and get Tekken 6 to learn the mechanics. Sitting there waiting on TTT2 isn’t gonna make the work load any easier since there is a lot to learn.


I don’t think Tekken will ever be one of the more popular fighters, in the long run.

My two cents.


Same with KOF.


Techincally speaking…it already is and has been for a while.

I guess I mean I never really seen it being played in Europe


I was talking in terms of the competitive scene, particularly Evo.

If there are other tourneys the size of Evo elsewhere in the world I would love to know. :smiley:


EVO has always had a Tekken and the previous year was the ONLY year that there wasn’t a Tekken. Around the world you have stuff like Tekken Crash/Busters in Korea. SBO in Japan is a big tournament for Tekken. Europe plays more T6 than the US and scene is mad smaller than America but they always have high profile matches. Austrailia is also a hot spot for Tekken.


I always find it crazy that Tekken isn’t that popular in US tournaments. It seems like that for the longest time (at least in my area) that Tekken has always been the most casually popular FG right next to MK. You would think that there would be a lot of people wanting to get deeper into the game and enter/have tournaments for it. As for every other FG out there I can almost find no one that plays them.


Check out Tekken Busters, it’s a Korean based Tekken League which is aired on TV. Over there, tekken has usually the second biggest televised fanbase next to SC (maybe LoL has taken over the spot, I haven’t paid much attention.) and is the #1 arcade fighter there as well as in Japan. SBO and Godsgarden have stock in the game as well.

Evo is really the only major event that doesn’t focus on Tekken which is because USA is mainly a 2d and more specifically Capcom crowd.


You’ve got it. We Australians love our Tekken, myself included.
To be perfectly honest, it’s all very location-dependant. From what I’ve gathered, Tekken isn’t very popular in comparison to SF and Marvel (etc) in the US in comparison to other places, but in the places where people do play Tekken, well, they play Tekken. Up here in Brisbane we actually have quite a few strong players, one of which is Colonov - y’know, one of the guys that made top 8 in KOF at Shadowloo? Yeah, I play with him a fair bit. He kills me. :smiley:


Yeah you even got some guys to go to SBO this year and make top 8.