Tekken Triple Freaks Master 2003 Results

Tekken Triple Freaks Master 2003

Where? In Czech Republic. Jablonec City.
When? 5th July 2003 was the date.
Why? To prove our skill and experience.
How? Perfectly, organization was awesome. If I can quote the winners PM to me, he said: I never was on tourney like this.
How about prizes? First place won exclusive PlayStation 2 with Tekken 4 sticker sticked on it. First three places won keychains, promo Primal T-Shirts and PS2 caps.
Something to eat/drink there? Well, it was cheap. For 2USD or 2Euros, you was able to buy 5beers! Absolutely awesome, isnt it?

1st Place - Dyny
2nd Place ilectrcBoB
3rd Place J-kob

Top Match
Semifinals nr.1 Dyny VS J-kob

Padrini, Alimokujin, Dyny and Dynys Brother in red.

Dyny, ilectrcBoB, J-kob, Pijotr <- updated.

Groupen Photo. J-kob wanted also Groupen Sex but no-one wanted to make that :lol:.

This was the standard player at the tournament :D.

All pictures except the last one are copyright and were taken from http://ps2.bazuka.pl - guys from there also played at the tourney.