Tekken Vs 2D Fighters Debate

You’re thoughts on his case…

My thoughts? Everything that was said in the video is exactly what I thought was going to be said and I really don’t care for said statements at all.

Also I want those minutes of my life back.

I think you have just wasted 13 minutes of my life.

Edit: LMAO that’s TMM speaking? Never mind the horrid lack of understanding in 2D FGs, I thought that guy at least understands how his own main game plays…

Like for example, citing King’s variety of chain throws as depth? Throws in general are a subpar tool in Tekken, and even the few useful ones (the 10 framers+no hand animations) don’t really function any different from a low.

Like, almost every command grab in 2D is more important to its character (and produces unique scenarios) than throws are to King and Armor King.

Also VF having “low production values” because it has no hit effects? What planet does this guy live on?

No versus threads


Also, i don’t need to see that to know is pure shit and is just a huge amount of stupidity and a waste of time.

What’s Tekken?

I believe this thread has wasted enough peoples time.